About the Blog

I started a blog in 2007 with the intent to write about feminism and pop culture, being that those are two of my primary interests.

I had been married a year and working at a casino; I spent a lot of my free time reading and commenting on all kinds of blogs.

2008 brought the birth of my first child and life became slightly chaotic. I wanted to write down as much as possible about the pregnancy, the delivery, and of course, the baby!

I wrote monthly development letters to my son, which soon grew to writing about my second pregnancy, second delivery, and second baby! And more letters!

I treasure the bits of information my mom recorded about my own childhood and feel that it’s very important to record similar information for my children. Maybe they won’t care; maybe they will think it’s stupid! Or maybe, and I hope this is closer to what transpires, they’ll be grateful.

Whatever happens, I, myself, am grateful for what I’ve written down; I’ve enjoyed re-reading letters and journal entries from my children’s earliest days. It’s awesome to go back and relive the joys and hardships without having to relive the pregnancies. Or the body trauma and emotional mess of the postpartum period. Or the weeks and months of sleeplessness.

A year into being a mother of two, my old blog was, in all but name, a Mommy Blog! I still love celebrity gossip and still call myself a feminist AND I definitely consider myself to be a well rounded person with a variety of interests (books, music, cooking, movies). But let’s face it, my days are pretty much consumed with diapers, Dora the Explorer, and dirty laundry.

I decided to make it official: March 3, 2012.

So here it is, my Mommy Blog!

Blogging Goals:
Repost some of my favourite entries from my old blog so I can get everything ‘child’ related into one space.

Keep track of the ridiculous things my kids say and do

Keep track of the day-to-day minutia of my life as a mother to two boys

Talk about hot-button parenting issues

Talk about boring parenting issue

Talk about why being a parent is awesome and why being a parent sucks

I’m sure I’ll talk about many more things and I’m open to taking suggestions!

I hope you’ll stop by to visit me often. I hope you’ll leave me comments and that we can participate in some hot cyber action (in the form of fun parenting discussions).

You, obviously, don’t have to be a parent to read or comment, but you do have to be respectful.

Welcome to my blog!  Let’s all eat some dirt.

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