To the Oscars!

11 Jan

A few years ago, when I was just starting out with reader giveaways, my friend Michelle was one of the first volunteers!

I wrote about Michelle and her handmade skin care line here, but let me do a bit of a recap.

Here’s what Michelle looked like when I first met her:

Ugh, isn’t she adorable?!

Michelle is concerned with the environment and living responsibly; she had a strong desire to create an all-natural product for all types of skin.

Michelle turned to beeswax to nourish the skin and BEE23 was born.

The mission of BEE23 as explained by Michelle,

In blending the spirit of today with the wisdom of yesterday, we will inspire, create and grow in consideration of our local and global community. At BEE23, our creations are borne from the natural synthesis of timeless plant essences, nuts and vegetable ingredients in a beeswax base.

We offer a collection of solid perfume alternatives that are free of synthetic chemicals and additives. We know anything applied onto your skin will go into your body, so our products are made without the chemicals that cause dryness and irritation. Our body balms are designed to nourish and heal your skin, rather than damage it. We value the ingredients nature provides for us, so you can rest assured that you’re buying environmentally beneficial products.


Since our initial giveaway, Michelle has been living in Toronto with her family, growing her business and treating life as one big magical adventure.

This is what she’s looking like now!  

Do blonds have more fun or is she trying to emulate the golden pollen upon which her namesake feasts?

The most exciting bit of honey on Michelle’s plate right now is her campaign to bring BEE23 to the Oscars this February!

You know how….  at all these big award shows, the wealthy movie stars and musicians are given gift bags full of swag?  I’ve heard some of those gift bags are worth thousands of dollars!  Well, Michelle wants in on those gift bags!

Do celebrities with stacks of cash and strings of emeralds need all those free products?  I’m gonna go with….no.  


I’m thinking a lot of the products in those elusive goody bags are items put out by small businesses, trying to make it mainstream and trying to make a living.

A small business such as BEE23.

Michelle would love it if her products could find their way into a celebrity gift bag!  

Ideally what would happen is that someone like Jennifer Lawrence will try out some BEE23 Body Balm and fall in love and DEMAND to be the new spokesperson in partnership with Michelle and her humble Canadian company.

It could happen.

But first, Michelle needs to raise some money.  

She has a Gofundme campaign and she’s halfway to the goal.  

Visit the campaign page if you’re so inclined, to learn more about it.  Throw her five or ten dollars if you can!  

Let’s help our Canadian girl get her products into some sweaty celebrity hands!

And OF COURSE, Michelle wants to give one of my readers an amazing BEE23 product.


Please comment on this post to be entered into the draw!  Contest closes Monday January 16th at midnight.  Winner announced on the 17th.

She’s the Queen Bee, my friends: a magical bit of blond pollen and she’s bringing her beeswax to all the people, including Hollywood celebrities!

Visit Bee 23 on Facebook and the World Wide Web, online shopping is available.

4 Responses to “To the Oscars!”

  1. Ericka Reszitnyk January 16, 2017 at 3:57 pm #

    I love all the products you promote!
    This is exciting.

  2. Shelley Wigham D'Angelo January 11, 2017 at 11:53 am #

    OMG Michelle is an inspiration to anyone who ever had a dream. Her products need to be on every shelf in America! The best ever combo great product and ever greater person behind the product. Keep it moving forward Michelle! Your loyal fan

  3. Karen Maki January 11, 2017 at 11:14 am #

    Leah! I need to connect with you to pick up my prize!

    Does Friday after 4:30pm work for you?

    Please let me know


    Karen Maki

    Feel free to text if that works better… 628-9218


  4. Meagan Botterill January 11, 2017 at 10:30 am #

    That would be amazing! All the best!

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