Future Real Estate Mogul

10 Jul

The most important person in my life last weekend was this lady, right here:
This is Sarah Kerton and she sold my house!

Look at that radiant smile!  This is how happy she looks every time she sells a house.  And she can sell yours too!  Or she can help you find a house!  She is well worth the investment if you want your house sold quickly and with minimal stress!

Sarah doesn’t always look so formal and put together.  Sometimes she pops by your house for an impromptu photo shoot (R1 was the photographer) to celebrate the sale.  If I had champagne, we could have done a toast.  Right there on the front lawn!

And if you’re really lucky, you might even catch Sarah’s “sign guy” (also known as her husband Chris)!  He sneaks over to put up the For Sale signs, then later sneaks over again to replace it with a SOLD sign.  I did catch him though…

You can contact Sarah through her Facebook page or call the Apex Realty office and ask now to get hold of her!

The review I left on her page:

Thank you so much Sarah!  I wish you continued success in your real estate career!

One Response to “Future Real Estate Mogul”

  1. barbcjy July 12, 2016 at 5:05 pm #

    Well done Sarah!

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