One Year Later

14 Jun

I was planning to give this magnet to my Gramma on her 92nd birthday, last April.  I couldn’t find it though and just sent a card (and called her on the phone of course).  

I found it after she died and my first thought was, good thing I didn’t give her that magnet!

I think my Gramma would have enjoyed this magnet though; she would have thought it was funny.

Even after a full year, I still think to myself, “I need to tell that to Gramma” several times a week.  The kids talk about her a few times a week too.

I miss her, but I’m not really sad anymore.  Does that sound harsh?

Initially, yes, of course I was sad.  It was shocking and so very upsetting to hear about my Gramma’s sudden and swift terminal diagnosis last year.  I think a part of me really did think she was going to live forever….  But in the days following the diagnosis, it was easy to find acceptance.  

It was really hard to be at home with my new family of five when my Gramma was dying four hours away, but I know she understood.

This is a woman who had lived a full life and she was very tired; she was ready.  She lived a good life and she actually died a good death, it happened the way she wanted it to and even the way she expected.

We love you Gramma, one year later and forever.

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