Eleven Months

26 Apr

Dear R3
Today you are 11 months old.  

I can see you becoming a little kid, as opposed to a baby, and it both terrifies me and excites me!

You still haven’t started walking but you’ve gotten really good at standing.  In the last week you’ve become a little dude that loves to stand!  You totally  know that standing lets you reach things and standing lets you grab things.  

In the last few days, you’ve finally started moving your feet as if you were walking while I hold your hands.  I think your mind is starting to make the connection but you’re not quite ready.  You’re super fast at crawling though and you race all over the house, almost faster than I can get the baby gates closed!

A funny thing happened when all the snow melted: we learned that grass makes you nervous!  It’s so cute!  You don’t cry or whine but you stay on the cement unless someone actually places you on the grass.  And if we put you on the grass and hold onto your hands, you try to lift your feet off the grass.  I hope it’s not traumatizing you, but I’m having a lot of fun putting you on the grass and watching you lift your feet.  Don’t feel bad though, I did the same thing to your oldest brother.

You aren’t very fond of bottles anymore; you’d much prefer to be munching on real people food.  You still like puréed foods, but you’re desperate to try basically anything and everything that us big folks have.  You’re getting sick of Cheerios but you’re really enjoying banana and soups and stews where all the food is cooked and really soft.  

You JUST popped through a third tooth (bottom, to the left) but you really want to be able to eat everything.  You chase us around when we have food and you always try to grab food off your brothers’ plates.  They are incredibly forgetful and seem to always have their snacks within your reach.  

Thankfully we seem to have made some sleep progress this month.  Your naps are finally a decent length (most of the time) and you have a regular bedtime of (close to) 7 o’clock.  You still wake up three times a night almost always (sometimes more *sob*) so I’m hoping that is something we can start working on this coming month.

You still love being in the bath and you love going outside.  You love exploring and stealing anything your brothers are holding.  You’re obsessed with pulling hats and glasses off people’s heads/faces and you love bouncing up and down to any kind of music, no matter what it is.  You’re trying to wave and clap and give hugs and kisses. Your biggest love is your brothers of course and they can always bring a huge grin to your face, even if you’ve been a bit whiny.

You smile so much and your joyful little personality is really starting to show.  We love having you around to brighten our days, our little Rebel baby with the beautiful red hair!

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