Nine Months

26 Feb

Dear R3

Today you are nine months old!  

And you, little man, are not a placid little baby anymore!  No longer are you content to just sit (or lay back) and watch the world go by.

You watch your brothers as they move around with ease and you are desperate to be near them.  You went from barely sitting last month to sitting very well and now you’re crawling!  It’s slow going, mind you, but you’re getting faster every day.  And you can also stand on your own and balance for a minute at a time.  This morning you even tried to take a few steps.

I know a lot of people say that second and third children will reach their milestones quicker than the first child because they are just so desperate to keep up, but I really didn’t think that was going to happen.  Biggest brother stood tentatively at 10 months old and was tentatively walking by his first birthday.  But Middle brother didn’t stand by himself until his first birthday!  I really thought you wouldn’t stand unsupported until at least a month past your first birthday, especially because you were born earlier and hit the rolling over and sitting milestones later than your brothers.  You sir, are full of surprises!

But unfortunately, you’re also full of whines.  You spend a lot of the day whining and hoping to be picked up and carried because you can’t move around fast enough on your own.  You want to see everything and touch everything and put everything in your mouth; it just doesn’t happen fast enough if you’re doing your slow crawl.  Plus, you keep knocking into things and pulling things down on various body parts and thn crying bitter tears of pain and frustration.

One thing’s for sure, you are super happy and proud of yourself when you’re standing.  You grin and flap your arms and look like you’ve just conquered the Mount Everest climb.  You’re also loving food this month.  You’ve got the hang of taking in puréed baby foods and cereals and you quiver with excitement every time I put you in your high chair.  But if I don’t get the food to you quick enough, you start whining a high pitched noise of desperation.  Patience little grasshopper!

And I have to have patience too…because you’re a terrible sleeper! 

Ok, terrible is too strong a word.  But you are really fond of having 15-30 minute naps and then being really overtired and consequently waking up a lot at night.  I talked to my friend who is a baby/child sleep consultant (more about that in a future post) and I thought we were getting somewhere (longer naps, fewer wake ups at night) but then everybody in the house got sick and our routine was ruined.  I think you’re getting sick now and you’re having trouble breathing through your nose and it’s making sleeping very difficult for you. I guess we’ll have to just get through this bout of sickness and then continue trying for longer daytime naps.

But don’t worry, even if you stay a horrible sleeper, I’ll still keep loving you.  I’ll be incredibly exhausted and my temper might get shorter as a result of my exhaustion, but I will definitely keep loving you.  Your little grin really does light up a room and the whole family is happy you’re here!


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