That time I almost saw The Force Awakens…

28 Dec

Back in June of this year, Jason decided he wanted to take R1 to a Christmas Eve showing of the new Star Wars movie.  I called my mom, while she was away visiting her dying mother, to see if she could babysit during the afternoon of the 24th.  Don’t worry, my mom thought it was funny.

Part of me knew that Jason was planning this date with R1 as a father/son thing but another part of me just assumed I was going too since I asked my mom to babysit.  

In December I realized that Jason only had two tickets and I was kind of sad.  Closer to the 24th, Jason said he could probably get me a ticket too and the three of us would go together and my mom would babysit the other two after all.  So I started getting excited!

And we did it!  We went to the theatre, got three tickets together and got ready to experience the most highly anticipated movie of the decade!  


Then…the previews started!  And right away I knew we were going to have a problem.  R1 hid his eyes and covered his ears for the duration of the five previews.  I told him the movies are usually quieter than the previews and hoped for the best.

But alas, after the iconic yellow words in space introducing the story, accompanied by the classic Star Wars theme, (spoilers) Kylo Ren was attacking a village and capturing Poe Dameron and R1 was crying.  

In hindsight, we should have known.  He’s been sensitive to loud noises since he was a few months old.  He’s seen other movies in theatre but they always seemed quieter. I hoped that he would just hide his face and cover his ears for the whole movie so Jason and I wouldn’t have to miss it.  But we had to be parents and take our sensory overloaded kid out of a much-too-loud theatre. 


To say that I was disappointed would be a huge understatement.  But then, after the kids were in bed, I saw a picture my cousin posted on Facebook and it helped bring me back to reality.  She posted a picture of a burning candle, one she lit for her beautiful departed daughter who left us way too soon earlier this year.  

Suddenly missed movies don’t seem so bad.  My kids are home with me this holiday season.  A missed movie means nothing.

Then we had a lovely, albeit loud, Christmas Day, followed by The Force Awakens Take Two on Boxing Day.

We couldn’t get the cell phone to take a good movie selfie, but we saw it…and… it was awesome!  

R1 wanted to know about the rest of the movie so we told him and he is looking forward to seeing it in the comfort of our own living room in a few months.

And now we’ve got two little boys fighting over who gets to play Rey in their Star Wars games.


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