A Disappointing Delivery

14 Dec

As evidenced by countless previous posts, I love supporting local businesses and artists.  For Christmas this year, we commissioned an original piece of artwork from Merk and purchased a hand sewn baby doll carrier and doll diapers from Mommy Can Sew.  We also have a fabulous rainbow quilt from Sew Whimsical by Katie!

So as much as I love finding unique and lovingly hand crafted pieces for my family, I also buy mass produced items as well. My kids love Lego so I got them Lego. And I also got them a couple books, art supplies, and some tshirts, little items of that sort.  

But the biggest thing I was excited about this year was the Barbie Dreamhouse!

R2 loves dolls and he really likes playing with my old Barbies and Skippers.  He’s been trying to stuff them into the small sized dollhouses we have so when I found the Barbie Dreamhouse on a 65% off flash sale, I decided to just go for it.  If I had asked around, I’m sure I could have found a second hand Barbie sized house, but like I said, I just went for it.  I knew R2 would love it.  

Check it out, big pink houses aren’t JUST for Barbies! Hello there Spider Man!

I kept hoping and hoping the delivery would happen while the kids were at school, but I had a feeling it wouldn’t because mail and parcels arrive later and later the closer you get to Christmas.

Sure enough, last Monday, a large UPS truck pulled into the driveway at 4pm.  I stepped outside to try and head off the delivery man but the kids followed me.  I tried to tell them to get back in the house, but it was too late.  The delivery man emerged from the back of his truck carrying a giant box that looked like this (different house design, but same idea):

 R1 saw it and screamed, “You’re getting the Barbie Dreamhouse!”  I screamed, “Get in the house!” And the delivery man ran back into his truck.

I got the kids herded into the house and ran back out to the UPS truck.  The delivery man poked his head out and I told him it was safe.  He said he would take the box behind the house and hide it.  Then he whispered that I should tell the kids it’s a present for a cousin or friend that needed to be delivered to our house.  Nice suggestion but I think that would’ve made it worse…

When I went back into the house, R2 was under the kitchen table crying and R1 was cowering in the stairwell because he thought I was going to be mad at him for screeching about what was in the box (because R2 didn’t actually see it).  And I was pretty mad, to be quite honest.  I managed to keep my cool though.

I coaxed River out from under the table and gently explained to him that I wanted to get him a super special surprise for Christmas and He needs to forget about it or at least forget about it until Christmas Day.  He seemed to understand.  Then I calmly talked to R1 and we agreed that he needs to learn to keep his mouth shut sometimes (his words, not mine).

By the next day the drama seemed to blow over and I called UPS to make a formal complimentary report about how helpful the delivery man was.  It definitely wasn’t his fault that my kids saw what was in the box when the picture is printed right on the outside.

Then two days after delivery, I received this email:  

Hahahahahaha, thanks for the warning!

Seriously, I get this.  It would be incredibly wasteful to send a giant box inside another box. However, wouldn’t it be better to send out a warning email the moment the transaction went through on the credit card?  

Or better yet, package your large toys in plain boxes around the holiday season.

I’m very aware of how trivial this is in the grand scheme of things, but I still can’t help feeling disappointed.  Yes, people are starving.  Yes, people are homeless.  Yes, some people have nothing.  But I’m allowed to feel upset about this.

R2 is my child that gives me the reactions I want during gift giving occasions.  R1 calmly says, “Thanks mom!” but R2 squeals with glee and hugs and kisses and professes undying love over the tiniest things, even pretty looking rocks.  He’s easy to please and I knew he’d be blown away by the Barbie Dreamhouse and I really wanted his excitement on Christmas morning.

Hopefully he’s forgotten it all and Christmas morning will gift me with giant smiles and hilarious reactions.

And uh….Mattel, please consider my suggestion about delivering giant toys in plain brown boxes in December.  Thanks!

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