Four Months

26 Sep

Dear R3

Today you are four months old.  

Life seems to be gradually moving towards a routine of sorts.  Over the past several weeks, you’ve been going to bed around 8pm and waking up for the day at 8am, with two nighttime feedings and three daytime naps.  

For most of the month, your naps followed a one short-one long-one short schedule, but the past week has been a bit frustrating because you wouldn’t nap longer than 20-30 minutes.  This has resulted in an overtired and inconsolable baby at the end of the day, one that is very difficult to relax into bed for the night.  If only I could communicate to you that a well rested baby is a happier baby and a well rested baby sleeps better and longer.  Even if you could understand that, it wouldn’t matter.  In fact none of this will matter because a baby’s schedule change so frequently; your nighttime and daytime routines will be different next month and then the month after that!

You had your two-month doctor’s appointment (delayed about a month because of your early entrance into the world) and you handled your vaccinations like a pro.  As of the appointment mid-September you were 22 inches long and 12.3 pounds.

You’ve discovered your voice and discovered your hands.  When awake and in a good mood, you love to coo and smile and make all kinds of strange little noises (accompanied by furious leg kicks); some of them are even quite loud!  You’re trying desperately to grab objects that come close and sometimes you succeed, but you’re always successful and pulling your hands to your face and you always find your mouth.  Now you don’t like to let a minute go by without digger or thumb sucking.

Last night, on the eve of your four-month birthday, you slept from 9:39pm to 6am.  We were a well rested bunch when we woke up in the morning!  I don’t know if and when this will become a regular occurrence but it was definitely a fabulous surprise!  

In the coming month, we are all hoping for a big belly laugh.  It’s clear that you’re trying to laugh with noises that sound almost like giggles.  Who knew it was so difficult learning to laugh!  Make it happen for us soon, kid!  We can’t wait!

 If you’d like a nifty photo prop like the Star Wars themed signs we’ve been using, you should check out Marie’s Digital Designs!

If you noticed and liked the amazing personalized button-bottomed tshirt my dude is wearing, you might be interested in checking out the art of Merk, a local treasure.  You can’t have a shirt like the pictured one because that is an original piece of merchandise!  But you could find other prints and/or shirts to spruce up your walls and wardrobes.

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