Whimsical Gifts

23 Sep

My dear creative friend Katie gifted me with three stuffies for my three boys.  I planned to have the big boys welcome their new brother with one of the stuffies and have the two other stuffies as gifts from baby brother.  But when baby brother was whisked to the NICU I pretty much forgot about my whimsical little stuffies.  And almost everything else actually…

Fortunately, stuffies don’t go bad.  They sat quietly in storage until this past weekend when I finally started getting motivated to clean and organize.  Things are flying into donation bags and trash bags around here and I can feel myself getting lighter with each bag that leaves the house.

While trying to tackle the storage room, I finally found the stuffies!

And they were ready to make their debut!  

 Aren’t they amazing?!  The little mushroom is for the baby and the Pirates are for the big boys.  And the Pirates even have removable accessories!  

 You can even see Katie’s pet’s hair on the pirate hat.  That is a special bonus gift!

R1 thought his pirate was cool, though he is past the point where he wants to play with dolls and stuffed toys very often.  

R2 was initially disappointed in the doll because he was hoping for Polly Pockets, for whatever reason.  But now he’s in love with the doll and wants to take it everywhere.  He even pushed it to the school book-fair in a small doll stroller.  

R3 was clueless as to what was happening but I’m sure he’ll grow up to really like his mushroom!

Thanks to Katie, who Eating Dirt readers will recognize from Sew Whimsical by Katie.  Katie is currently reevaluating her business and seeing what direction she wants to take, but she is still up for creating something special for your family!  Visit her page today!

Or you can visit her at the upcoming Valhalla artisan sale:  


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