Guest Blogger: Sunday Family Time by Jason

10 Nov

Last night we are dinner while watching Mulan. I think Jason started getting a wee bit nostalgic. He wrote the following while we were eating and told me I could use it for the blog.


It’s been many years, but one of my happiest memories of childhood was Sunday dinner at my grandparent’s house.

Every Sunday afternoon Mom and I would take the bus to their little house where my grandfather would be watching some sort of sporting event on the television (with no sound) while listening to another on the radio. My grandmother would be busy bustling about in the kitchen, and my mom would sit and read while I would do my best not to get into too much trouble.

At 5 o’clock everything would stop, the channel would change and Looney Tunes would go on. My grandfather LOVED the roadrunner and hated to miss any chance to watch him get the coyote’s goat. At this point, my mom might even put her book down and watch for a little while. Grandma would have found something else to busy herself with, probably cleaning up a mess I had made, and I was definitely front and centre for the show.

The highlight of the night though was always the 6 O’clock meal time, accompanied by The Wonderful World of Disney. We’d all sit at the dining room table (if my aunt joined us or later on when my dad was around, I would get to sit at the coffee table) and eat the best we could while watching whatever family friendly fare showed up on the television.

It might have been the animated adventures of Mickey Mouse, the sneaky subterfuge of Hayley Mills in The Parent Trap, or maybe even a good ol’ western. It didn’t matter what it was, we were an attentive audience.

For me, it also meant having my dinner in the awesome separated plates that grandma kept specifically for me (one of the many benefits of being the only grandchild close). I can’t remember anything in particular about the food, other than the smell of butter, the crunchy squish of cooked green beans, and that ice cream ALWAYS accompanied pie…or squares…or cookies.

Rarely would grandma eat anything other than desert (she was a lady after my own heart) but would always sit with us the entire time.

Looking back on those dinners, I realize now that it was never about watching Looney Tunes or Walt Disney. It was about family and about strengthening the bonds between us in such a busy world.

Believe it or not, the 70’s were busy too. Yes, it was focused around the television, but we all were paying attention to the same thing, and it generated some great conversation. A lot of laughs and a whole lot of love came out of those dinners.

Over the years, things started getting in the way of Sunday dinners, life just kept getting busier and busier and our Sunday dinners eventually became Christmas and Thanksgiving only dinners, and as the family grew, we missed those as well. I’m sure that my grandparents felt the loss but it seemed like mom and I never really missed them.

As the boys get older, I’ve been thinking about these dinners a lot. We don’t eat a lot of meals together: I work weird hours, the boys don’t always want to eat when the rest of us do, my wife gets sidetracked and forgets to watch the time…you know, life happens.

Well tonight I made life wait for a few minutes. I told the boys what they were having for dinner and that I was making it right then. While they waited, the boys played together, chose their dessert and entertained Leah.

Then, when dinner was ready, we all sat in front of the television to eat, and enjoy some Disney. Much like my dinners with my grandparents, the boys ate on plates with dividers, we chatted, we laughed and we discussed what we were watching on television.

Although it’s a first attempt and we’ve got a long way to go in order to make this a regular thing, I’m pretty sure Mom, Grandma and Grandpa would approve.

Now, where’s the ice cream….

2 Responses to “Guest Blogger: Sunday Family Time by Jason”

  1. Southerngirl November 11, 2014 at 11:12 pm #

    Wow, that threw me back in time! My father was never at home for dinner during the week, but every Sunday we had dinner as a family and if we weren’t done by 6, us kids would beg to finish in the living room with TV stands so we could watch Wonderful World of Disney. Herbie, Old Yeller – all the classics, but I always looked forward to the animated stories.

    I also remember gathering to watch the Carol Burnett Show.

    Excellent contribution Jason.

  2. Chrissie November 10, 2014 at 11:51 am #

    Wow you are a great writer as well Mr Eating Dirt! Just another one of the many things you and the Mrs have in common and what makes you guys such a great, cute couple!! As a family growing up we didn’t have very many family dinners together so I cherish the ones we get to have together as a family. They don’t happen very often either for a lot of the same reasons that you guys don’t (funny work hours for hubby, kids being hungry at different times, etc) but I do believe it makes the ones we do have that much more special. Thanks for sharing! Hope you are a guest writer again! Thank you Mrs Eating Dirt for sharing!

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