Travel Blogging: What I bought

21 Aug

We are in Winnipeg to see Tom Petty, there’s no doubt about it. But we’ve been having so much fun shopping at all our favourite places here. Some of them had closed down since our last visit 14 months ago, but all our hard earned yard sale money is spent, so we aren’t too disappointed.

We have enough money left for Tom Petty concert tshirts, gas to drive home, and to take my Gramma out for lunch (at the halfway point home) in Dryden.

Check it out!





Some stuff for the kids, but mostly for me! No pictures of what I bought my brother and mother for Christmas though. And no pictures of the antique doll carriage and beaded curtain still in the car or of the billions (slight exaggeration) of records that Jason bought.

Okay. No more shopping. Time to grab our tickets and binoculars and head off down the street to the concert!

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