11 Aug

It’s been quiet around the blog for awhile. We just had a yard sale (fund raising for an upcoming vacation – more about that later) and there was a lot of prep involved in that particular endeavour.

On top of that, RJ decided he was ready to move into a big-boy bedroom. When we first moved into this house, JP wasn’t born yet. We put RJ’s crib in a curtained off corner outside our bedroom. When JP was born, his crib went into an actual bedroom. RJ, being a child who takes a long time adjusting to change, was happy to stay in his little corner. We told him he could move into his own room when he was ready. In the meantime, the other real bedroom became Jason’s office.

Well, last week RJ decided he was ready. So on top of trying to organize the yard sale, we were moving furniture around and getting the kids adjusted to sleeping in close proximity to one another. I felt like the walls were closing in on me. There was stuff everywhere and the house was starting to feel oppressive.

The yard sale was Saturday and we took almost all the leftovers to a second hand shop. The house is starting to clear out and all the furniture is finding a home. Jason’s office space is in limbo right now but he will attempt to turn RJ’s former sleeping area into a place for all his music and computer paraphernalia.

The summer is more than half over and I have things to blog about, but the problem is, finding time! Hopefully I can find some time this week!

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