Travel Blogging: A Quick Jaunt to Lake Laval

1 Jul

The original plan was for the whole family to spend a long weekend. But for reasons to complicated and annoying to get into, Jason decided to stay home with the boys so my mom and I could have a quick overnight at my uncle’s camp to visit with out of town family.

When I was sitting there, visiting with uncles, my cousins, my Grandmother, and a few other relatives, I was grateful to be without my kids.

In a perfect world, my family wouldn’t be scattered across the continent and my kids would grow up knowing everybody important in my life. But many of these important people are far away; I feel it’s much more important for me to visit them, rather than chase my kids around. If the boys were there, I’m sure I wouldn’t have sat down as much; it wouldn’t have been as relaxing.

I love my boys but it was nice to be “Leah” on the weekend, and not “mommy.”







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