A Grand and Most Whimsical Announcement!

30 May


Now that we’ve been introduced to Katie’s beautiful line of strong role model dolls


…and peered into the lives of five additional real-life amazingly strong and creative women…

Jessica of Jessica L Wyatt Photography
Tara of H-C Creations Jewelry
Courtney of Transitions Hair Salon
Cat of Art By: Cat Free
Krista of Lasers in the Jungle

…it’s time to make our big announcement!

As mentioned before, strong female role models are very important to Katie. She grew up with sisters and step-sisters and a mom and a step mom, and now, she has two daughters.

Katie knows how important it is to create a home environment of balance and variety. For example, a little girl may love barbies and princesses but her life should be about more than just those things. In contrast, a little girl may dislike Barbies and princesses and should have other choices available for her imaginative play.

It takes more than a fancy princess dressed in pink to bring a girl to adulthood, she needs strong adult examples of what it’s like to be a well-rounded person.

For the series of dolls we met on May 13, we learned that Katie modelled her homemade designs on her four sisters. But then she thought, why stop at sisters? There are thousands of well-known examples of strong and accomplished women out there for little girls to read about.

But what about an unknown?

There are undoubtedly millions of strong women just waiting to be discovered and applauded.

Katie wants to discover an unsung hero and turn her into a doll. She asked Jessica and myself to be her partners in this endeavour.

After much discussion and emailing and meeting in person, we bring you…

Sew Whimsical’s Search for the next Strong Role Model!!!

*flashing lights * exciting music * loud cheers*

The simplified version is this:
We want you to nominate a strong woman who could possibly be turned into a Sew Whimsical doll and made available for sale as the next strong role model!

The detailed version:
Think of a woman that you know, a woman who is strong and confident and sets a good example for young children, especially young girls.

Ask permission, then Nominate the woman using THIS form. There are a few rules for the nomination process but they are simple and easy to understand.

This poster explains everything simply:


The nominations will be closed on June 21st

The judges will pick three finalists from among the nominations to be announced on June 27th.

The three finalists will be voted on by the Facebook public (this process will be explained later) and voting will close on July 3rd.

The final pick will be announced on July 4th and THAT is the woman whose likeness will be transformed into Sew Whimsical’s strong role model doll!

Yes, the woman you nominate could be a doll… and if your nomination is the final choice, you actually get to keep the doll!

Then we will want to interview the final choice and take pictures and get permission to sell the doll on Etsy and OOAK.

And there’s more!

Everybody who makes a nomination will be entered into draws for fabulous prizes! There will be five prize packs in addition to the hand-made Sew Whimsical doll.

The prizes have been donated by Sew Whimsical by Katie, Jessica L Wyatt Photography, H-C Creations, Transitions Hair Salon, Art by Cat Free, and Lasers in the Jungle and will be showcased in tomorrow’s blog post.

Remember, Katie is not limited by skin colour, size, abilities, or disabilities. She welcomes a challenge to create the perfect strong role model doll and outward appearance has no bearing on the outcome of this project.

Get your thinking caps on and spread the word!

We can’t wait to start reading about the strong women in your life!

7 Responses to “A Grand and Most Whimsical Announcement!”

  1. Katie Hughdie May 30, 2014 at 10:28 am #

    Wow Leah – you wrote this beautifully!


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