Strong Woman Feature #5

28 May

I first met Krista in December 2012. She had recently moved to town with her partner and shortly thereafter became the 4th employee at LU Radio.

Krista is incredibly capable and intelligent and has become a necessary and invaluable part of the radio team.

LU Radio loves Krista!

LU Radio loves Krista!

Krista studied journalism at the University of Oregon and is now the news director at LU radio. She is also an avid biker, a jam maker, a part time sales clerk at a well known tea establishment, and an aspiring fashion designer.

Working on bikes!

Working on bikes!

Wearable art designed by Krista and her friend Sarah at the 2014 Definitely Superior Derelicte fashion show!

Wearable art designed by Krista and her friend Sarah at the 2014 Definitely Superior Derelicte fashion show!

And, oh yeah.. She spends a lot of time making jewelry.

Over a decade ago, Krista decided she wanted to start making her own jewelry and she is almost entirely self taught.

She eventually realized that her stuff was good enough to sell!

Or maybe she realized she was spending too much money on supplies and wanted to see if she could get back some of what she put out!

At any rate, she began creating items with the idea of selling. Krista exclusively makes pieces that she would wear herself.

See, here she is, wearing something she made:
And doesn’t she look happy modeling her own beautiful creation?

Maybe not as happy as this lovely lady:
sarah red pennant laughing
There’s Krista’s friend Sarah modeling a beautiful red triangle necklace.

And here, some earrings:
sarah black claw earrings

You can contact Krista through her Facebook business page or you can peruse her collection at the True North Community Co-op.

stock may 10

In addition, Krista will also be a part of the Willow Springs summer market, Fridays 3-7pm at Willow Springs Creative Centre starting June 27th.

This feature on Krista and her jewelry is the last in a series featuring local business owners who happen to be amazing and strong women. You’ll notice that these features followed the introduction to Sew Whimsical’s strong women dolls. Were you able to make the connection?

In two days time – on Friday – there’s going to be an announcement.

You seriously don’t want to miss it.

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