Strong Woman Feature #3

23 May

There’s a little salon situated in the Bay/Algoma area of Thunder Bay that is getting quite a lot of attention!

I’m ashamed to say that I’m frequently in that area and I’ve never given it a second look! But I started hearing from friends about how much they love this little place called Transitions Hair Salon, so I thought, “I must find this place!”

Then I forgot about it.

Then a wonderful young lady named Courtney sent me a friend request on Facebook, with the message, “I completely forgot to contact you after we met in the summer, but I found you now!”

Well, that wasn’t the exact message, but the gist of it was that I had met Courtney before and she promised to contact me but forgot. Of course I didn’t let on that I had no idea who she was or what she was talking about. After a day or two of feeling guilty I finally messaged a few people to see if they knew who this gal was. I was told, “That’s Courtney! She owns Transitions Hair Salon!”


Ohhhhhh, of course! Courtney! We met in the summer! At Busker fest! Jason said to me, “That’s Courtney, she owns Transitions Hair Salon!”

Well it would appear that everybody in the world knows all about Courtney and her establishment except for me!

But just in case there are a few people left who don’t know, I’d like to make some introductions!

This is Courtney!

This is her Salon!

It opened to the public on July 6th, 2008 and, as far as I can tell, business has been booming ever since. I just tried to book an appointment on a Tuesday and couldn’t find an opening for months!

Courtney began learning about cutting and styling hair as a teenaged apprentice. Thirteen years later, she is a strong young woman with a successful business.

From the website:
At Transitions Hair Salon, we offer a full service hair salon experience, in a one-on-one atmosphere. Enjoy our peaceful setting, our luxury wash house experience, and our “one at a time” approach, while receiving the best hair style, that suits your personality, your wants & needs in a hairstyle, and your lifestyle.

Not only is Courtney talented, professional, and friendly, but she’s also very concerned with the environment.

From the website:
We believe that the Environment should be respected and cared for, so we do our best to practice environmentally friendly alternatives to our everyday work, community and home life. See our Environmental tab for more information on how we practice Eco-consciousness.

Click here for a HUGE and detailed list of all the ways Transitions Hair Salon works towards a more sustainable existence, including recycling as much as possible, line drying all towels and linens, and using ammonia-free hair colour. It’s truly wonderful! Even hair clippings are recycled!




Please visit the website, visit the Facebook page, and call soon to book your appointment!

Stay tuned for the fourth feature on yet another strong and talented woman in Thunder Bay, coming up next week!

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