National Treasure

11 Apr

Do you know who this is?


His name is Rick Mercer and he’s a national treasure!

Well…he might not be a treasure…but he’s very smart.

And funny!

And my five year old son happens to think he’s amazing.

About a year ago, my mom played a clip of The Mercer Report for RJ and he was hooked.

Every Report opens with an amusing talk-show-style monologue about current political events in Canada. For US, readers, he could be compared to John Stewart and The Daily Show.

Then Rick goes on location to various locations across Canada where he will participate in a celebrated event or learn a new skill associated with that particular geographic location.

Rick also does ad spoofs, news desk political humour, and his very famous street rants (I love his rants!). The show, material and style-wise, is similar to This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

RJ isn’t fond or the political stuff though. Maybe he will be when he’s older.

This is what first captured RJ’s heart:


I don’t know what Rick is doing exactly, some sort of fun water sport. RJ was amazed.

RJ loves when Rick goes on location because of all the fun and interesting things he gets to do. For the most part, you couldn’t pay me to do what Rick is doing as most of it looks too dangerous!

I’m boring and lame. But Rick, obviously, is not!








Looking at these pictures, it’s easy to believe that Rick Mercer is a super hero.

At least that is what RJ believes.

For months Rick Mercer was featured in all the games of make-believe. And if we told RJ a bedtime story, Rick Mercer had to be one of the main characters.

When we found out that Rick Mercer would be doing a show in Thunder Bay, I thought it would be cool if RJ got to meet one of his heroes.

I emailed and sent Facebook messages proposing a meet and greet prior to the show. My mom also sent messages, as did Jason. We thought RJ could even interview Rick for LU Radio!

Would that have been a first for Rick, being interviewed by a five year old for a campus and community radio station?

The event drew closer and we never heard back from Rick or anyone associated with him. I can’t say I wasn’t a bit disappointed.

Several months ago I told RJ that we were writing to Rick Mercer to try and arrange a meeting and he was beside himself with excitement. I usually don’t tell him things unless I’m absolutely sure, but I was confident that our request would be granted. I figured it would be hard to pass up an adorable five year old!

But I do realize that adorable children are mostly only adorable to their parents and other adults close to them. I also realize that Rick Mercer is very busy and he can’t say yes to everything.

The show was last night and thankfully, RJ forgot about it. Hopefully Rick will come back to Thunder Bay and we can see him then.

But still, I can’t help feeling that Rick missed out on something…

While watching Mercer Report with his gramma, RJ once said, “I believe everything Rick Mercer tells me.” It’s a good idea to get ’em while they’re young! Rick could have really taken advantage of this young malleable mind; he could have told RJ to never vote conservative! He could have influenced the state of government for an entire generation!

We’ll never know what could have happened.

But I do know that Rick Mercer cares about this country. If RJ is going to have a hero, I’d say Mr Mercer is a pretty good one.

3 Responses to “National Treasure”

  1. Lisa Laco April 11, 2014 at 10:59 pm #

    Leah as always.. Beautifully written… I hope rick reads this.. What great parents you are.. True superheroes

    • L.W. April 13, 2014 at 7:29 pm #

      Thank you Lisa! I tweeted it to him, I hope he reads it too!


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