They found me how? Part Two

22 Mar

This morning, a random citizen found my blog by typing “I’m too ugly to be a hooker” into Google. No doubt the person who typed that in was directed to this post here about my trip to Winnipeg last year.

Oddly enough, there were other search terms about hookers in Winnipeg that led to my blog. I think those people probably didn’t find what they were looking for. But for people who typed “parenting blog” or “eating dirt blog”, my blog was probably a good search result.

In honour of my second bloggiversary (Eating Dirt is two years old this month), let me treat you to the search engine words and phrases that led readers to view my blog:

bullying stories

pregnancy is not fun

mom confession i gave baby cough medicine

eating dirt blog

slave to baby’s naps

eat dirt party favor

my toddler is crying because i won’t let him eat dirt

shit happens baby sleep on floor poop on walls

my mom is a imp

taboo senior males eating daughter

what to do when siblings bully each other

why are cell phones bad at school?


equality for the second born

zoo wildlife exhibition

happy mothers day

mom buys son nail polish

nail polish sissy


short stories on bullying

kate postpartum belly

myth of perfect family

is jinxing real

oilpatch alberta

chippewa wildlife park photos

hooker moms in winnipeg

why do children eat dirt

hurt crying kids

sew whimsical by katee

raisins nerves

why are people commenting on kate middleton’s stomach

do real women wear swimpants?

1987 ford marquis for sale winnipeg

cavities in toddlers front teeth

buy hooker in winnipeg

manitoba cemetery walking tour

crying food

so sick of this snow

“i don’t want you mommy”

baby advice

jealous of my own child

parenting blog

eating dirt

crotchety young people

eating dirt blog leah

lidzard lick

86 ford bronco eddie bauer edition

list of what you need for newborn baby

my baby ate dirt

wet his bed

eat dirt to passify others

nail polish on the sissy

im too ugly to be a hooker

parenting blogs

aunt bee on andy griffin you tube cough syrup episode piano drunk

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