JP Says

19 Feb

A collection of the funny, weird, and cute things JP has said, Winter 2014

JP: I can make you beautiful RJ!
Daddy: Make me beautiful!
JP: I can’t!

JP: You have pretty nail polish mama! It looks like Ruby’s nails!
Me: Is Ruby a girl from school?
JP: No
Me: Who is Ruby?
JP: She is a girl in school!

Mom, my poop looks like a caterpillar. The baby and the mommy caterpillar!

JP: Can I have water?
Me: Of course! Water is good for the body, mind, and soul.
JP: Yep. And so are hot dogs and macaroni!

There’s my dad! There’s my shoemaker! There’s my baby maker!

JP: Mom, can you give me a high five!
Me: Sure.
JP: Mom, can you give me another high five?
Me: Ok.
JP: Thank you so much mommy!

JP: Do you know what your favourite job is?
Me: No, tell me.
JP: I don’t know. But you work with orange capybaras.

Mom, laugh! Laugh mom! Mom, I farted, you have to laugh now!

My boobies are on my cheeks!


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