New Experiences – Everything is Awesome!

17 Feb

Several weekends ago, my friend Monique and I took our boys to a birthday party for a classmate. The mother told me on the phone that we could leave the boys there, but I didn’t really believe her.

Monique and I planned to stay because we always stay at the parties our kids get invited to. It’s not like we thought we’d be staying at parties with our kids from now until high school, but that’s the way it had always been.

When we got to the party, the mother said we could go and come get the boys anytime after 4pm. Monique and I looked at each other like helpless lost puppies. Our boys didn’t seem to care if we stayed or left and it became apparent that the mother was going to have plenty of adult help. We cautiously left the house and made our way back to Monique’s car. We kept saying, “I feel weird” and “should we do something?” We tentatively decided to go out for lunch and then get some errands done.

We arrived back at the birthday house at exactly 4pm and everything was fine. The mother was fine, the boys were fine, and it seemed as if Monique and I survived our first “drop your kids and run” birthday party. It was really good for us to relax and enjoy some down time and good for us to just let go and trust another parent.

Last weekend we took the boys to a bowling party for Monique’s daughter’s 4th birthday. RJ said he knew all about bowling and I had to tell him that the plastic pins and ball that we’ve played with in the back yard is really different from real bowling in a bowling alley.

Of course, both boys (and many of the other kids) could not work out how to get the ball down the lane without use of this little helper…


But they did knock down some pins and seemed to really enjoy it. Then they got distracted and wanted to look around and check out the car racing video games. But then they came back and wanted the try again. Then they wanted pizza and cake. Then they started freaking out so it was time to leave.


But RJ is asking if we can go bowling again one day. And JP hasn’t stopped talking about “that fun birthday party.”


This weekend we took RJ to his very first movie at a theatre. We’ve been asking him for a year if he wanted to go to the theatre and he always replied that he was too young. We told him there was a big screen and the sound was pretty loud and RJ knows that loud noises make him uncomfortable.

When we saw that a Lego movie was being released, we decided that this was something that was going to happen. We pumped it up for a month beforehand, telling RJ that we were going to see the brand new Lego movie in a big theatre and it was going to be a super special date with Mommy, Daddy, and just RJ. We explained that the screen would be big but we could sit far back and it would be loud but he could wear my earmuffs (and he did). We told him it would be longer than a a Lego video on my computer and he understood.

As the movie date grew closer, RJ became more and more excited. At the theatre, we let him eat junk food and he was enthralled with looking around the giant theatre facility.


The movie was amazing and we all really enjoyed it. In the end, it was a bit too long (RJ said at one point, “I’m ready to go home now!”). As the movie progressed, the more intense bits of plot started making RJ a bit upset. He didn’t like that he couldn’t turn it off during scary parts and he said he doesn’t want to buy the movie on DVD and he doesn’t want to go back to the theatre for a very long time.

But we did it! Another new experience for our child!

One of the best things about being a parent is experiencing commonplace things for the first time through the eyes of your children.

The commonplace becomes completely awesome!

What kind of new experiences has your child had recently?

4 Responses to “New Experiences – Everything is Awesome!”

  1. Andrea February 17, 2014 at 5:34 pm #

    It’s a relief to learn other children’s fears and accomplishments. I fear that we will never see a movie. Ms.V is rather sensitive to noise & “scary” stuff. Then I remind myself that j didn’t see a movie until I was 8 years old. My dad took my brother and I to see the Dark Crystal. Needless to say, I was hooked.

    Children are wonderful mood rings, always changing their minds based on their surrounding or “climate”.

    Keep up the good work & thanks for sharing.

    • L.W. February 17, 2014 at 8:32 pm #

      So don’t worry too much about never going to the movies with your daughter until she turns 8.
      You know, I didn’t see my first theatre movie until I was about ten…now I’m not sure why I was so insistent on taking RJ to the movies NOW. I guess because he loves Lego and I really wanted him to see it on the big screen…

  2. Lindsay K February 17, 2014 at 3:24 pm #

    The stuff about the movies sounds so familiar. Jack watched his first movie EVER last weekend (he’s almost 5). I mean, first movie even at home. I’ve been trying to get him to watch a movie for a year, but he has also told me that he’s too young and can’t commit that much time (yet, he’d watch plenty of short shows in a row). He finally did watch a movie last weekend, but I think he liked the popcorn ether thang he movie. Even with a few intermissions it was too long, and he was also disturbed by some of the language and actions (and it was toy story!). I think we are very far away from going to the theatre, because I know that it would be too loud, and overwhelming. We also liked to talk throughout the movie about what was happening, because some of I was over his head.

    Oh, and River bowling is adorable. šŸ™‚

    • L.W. February 17, 2014 at 8:36 pm #

      RJ loved all three toy stories for a long time…now he says they’re too scary. Weird.
      Isn’t it weird how our kids are telling us they’re too young for something? Aren’t we supposed to be telling them that?
      RJ did talk quite a bit during the movie but we told him he had to talk quietly and he was ok with that. It was a kids’ movie and I think people don’t mind if kids are talking. There were toddlers at the theatre when we were there…and they cried. It didn’t bother us at all, though it is weird to bring a toddler to a movie….bit whatever, I didn’t have to pay for the toddler ticket..

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