Valentine’s Day, as experienced by two boys

15 Feb

When RJ got home from school, we looked at all the cards and candy he received from his classmates. Then I gave both boys a little paper bag with a few treats (Lego figure, playmobil figure, little puzzle, small amount of candy).

RJ opened up the sac and jumped for joy about the Lego bits. Then he said, “Thank you for the candy Mom, but I really don’t want it. Do I have to eat it?”

Uh…of course not.

He then played Lego for the rest of the evening.

JP opened up his paper sac and squealed with joy about the candy. He screamed, “Thank you so much mommy! I love candy!”

Really? I couldn’t tell.

He immediately ripped open the plastic baggy and stuffed all the candy in his mouth and asked for more. I said it was all gone, but that didn’t stop him from spending fifteen minutes scowering the house for RJ’s discarded treats. When he couldn’t find them, he reluctantly came back to inspect the new playmobil figure.

An interesting juxtaposition of two boys: The serious perfectionist isn’t too thrilled with the candy; the madcap enthusiast is thrilled to the point of hysteria.

Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday for sure. Jason and I have never made a big deal about it, though occasionally we go out for dinner if finances and schedules permit (not this year).

Obviously one shouldn’t need a special day to proclaim love.

Having said that, a special day all about love, however contrived, is a fine excuse to proclaim my unwavering and unconditional love for the three boys in my life: my amazing husband and my two beautifully unique sons!

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