Losing Weight

20 Jan

Just to get it out there, I want to lose weight.

I’m in the process of losing weight.

This is something that I don’t often talk about because if I do, I’m met with:

What are you talking about?

You’re ridiculous, you’re too skinny already.

I wish I could be as skinny as you.

When I hear that stuff, I can understand the sentiment behind it: I am a rather short person and I’ve always been on the small side. But I’m not ‘too skinny’ because size 10 is average. I don’t think I’ve ever actually been too skinny. Except for when I was at the very bottom of the height and weight percentiles as a young baby and child.


I’m on a mission to lose weight.

When I was younger, I was a fairly skinny child. I was heavier between the ages of 11-13 because I was gaining weight quicker than I was gaining height. I did feel rather awkward during those ages because I was uncomfortable with my changing body (not a terribly unique experience); I didn’t know how to dress myself so that I looked presentable and felt good. Getting dressed in the morning or shopping for new clothes left me feeling anxious and upset. When I found pants or a shirt that fit comfortably, I’d wear them over and over and over. Inevitably the over-wear did indeed make them look rather worn and I’m sure people wondered why I didn’t have more clothes.

Thankfully ‘the awkward’ was a rather short-lived stage. By the time I was in high school, I shot up to 5 feet and one whole inch! I didn’t exactly lose a lot of weight, just a few pounds as my body once again reorganized itself. From the ages of 14 to 17, I grew another inch and fluctuated up and down between 90 and 100 pounds. It was a good weight for my frame at the time.

In my last year of high school and first year of University, my weight crept up to 120 pounds. It was still a good weight for my frame and I never gave it a second thought.

After I met Jason, my weight crept up again and kept creeping until I hit the 140 mark. I was starting to feel very uncomfortable in my own skin (again). I gave up soda pop, and tried to eat healthier. With the stress of school and my job, the weight started falling off and for the next several years I hovered around 120-125 and I was happy with this.

I got married and put on the inevitable ‘newlywed weight’ and crept up again until I hit 134 on the scale. This was my weight when my first son was conceived. I was so sick during my pregnancy and I threw up constantly. I initially lost 10 pounds and then slowly gained weight in the second half of my pregnancy, making it up to 144 pounds.

After RJ was born, I dropped down to 122 pounds in two weeks. It wasn’t a good feeling. My insides felt awful and I could barely hold food down. It took about two months before I felt good again and could resume normal eating.

But of course I didn’t eat normally. Throughout the months of vomiting, I honestly thought I would never feel better again. When I did feel better and could hold down food, I really overdid it. Pop all the time, chocolate bars, chips, fast food, and just a lot of over-eating of my favourite foods (and boredom eating). I told myself it was my reward for enduring such a horrible pregnancy. But seriously, how long can a reward like that go on?

When JP was conceived, I weighed 130 pounds and ended the pregnancy at 150 pounds. The weight came off easily and a few weeks after giving birth, I was back at 130 pounds.

My youngest son is about to turn three years old and over the last three years, I’ve slowly crept back up to 140 pounds. 140 pounds is where I start to feel really gross. I remember feeling this way in university before I started trying to be healthier. None of my clothes fit and I’m really annoyed by the way I look in candid photographs.

After Christmas, I decided to count calories as a way of getting back down to a weight where I feel comfortable and happy with myself.

I’ve tried Spark People before and this time around, a friend told me about MyFitnessPal. It was recommended that I aim for 1200 to 1650 calories a day in order to lose weight.

I thought it would be annoying or troublesome to limit myself to that amount, but it’s actually kind of fun. I’ve been learning about portion sizes and how it’s not always a good idea to drink your calories (high calorie fruit juices). I’ve also been having fun looking up calories for fast food and restaurant dishes and being shocked. I will definitely eat gross junk food again and I will definitely gorge myself at a restaurant sometime in the future, but I’m trying to learn about moderation and balance.

So far, after counting calories (and exercising) for a month, I’ve lost ten pounds and I’m hoping to lose ten more. My goal weight is 120 pounds and for a woman of 5’2″, I think that’s pretty reasonable.

After I reach the goal, I plan to continue counting calories (unless it’s my birthday or Christmas or something like that) to maintain.

I’ve never had a super-model figure and that’s not I want. I want to be healthy and I want to feel good about myself.

2014 is the year of getting healthy!

Tell me about your goals for 2014. Are you trying to get healthier or more organized or out of debt or something else entirely?

Spark People and MyFitnessPal (easily found on google) did not pay me to mention them in this ‘weight loss’ blog post. However, if they want to pay me, I am more than willing to sell out and shill for their calorie counting programs. You’re looking at (reading) one broke mother.

7 Responses to “Losing Weight”

  1. Lisa January 22, 2014 at 4:07 pm #

    Good Luck hun! I have a weight-loss/fitness goal to lose approx 20 pounds (more concerned about losing inches than pounds) this year as well, but have decided January is not the month for me to start. I hate the cold and have felt nothing but exhausted since we got back from our trip. February I will start in earnest. But January is nap and eat left-over Christmas chocolates month in my books! 😉

    • L.W. January 22, 2014 at 4:24 pm #

      Yes, you have every reason to be exhausted!
      I didn’t actually plan to start counting calories after Christmas. I just sort of started on a whim to see if I could handle it…and I was able to easily. I think if I picked a day ( January 1st ) and said THIS is when I will stop eating junk food, I would have been more likely to cheat. I don’t know why… And now that I’m almost a month in, I can’t bear the thought of undoing my good work. Let me know if you’re going to try out MyFitnessPal. Or if you’re planning to start with a cleanse or what.

  2. Liz January 21, 2014 at 9:57 am #

    I agree, feeling comfortable in your own skin and being healthy is what it’s all about. Myfitnesspal is awesome, I use it every day! I wish you success in your goal…

    • L.W. January 21, 2014 at 5:38 pm #

      Well if YOU use it, that’s even more of an endorsement!

  3. Karen Maki January 20, 2014 at 10:33 pm #

    Good for you!!! It’s all about how you feel in your own skin….and eating healthy is always a very good thing…can I make a suggestion? Get your self some weights 5, 8 and maybe even 10 lbs. Start with the 5 lbs and work your way up. You will be amazed at the difference some weight training will do. You may not loose weight (you will gain muscle), but you will loose inches…..and be stronger!!! Good luck!

    • L.W. January 21, 2014 at 5:38 pm #

      Thanks for the encouragement and the suggestion! I have weights somewhere. I used to have a whole routine I did every second day…but that was before kids, hah! All I have to do is find those weights now…


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