RJ Says

17 Dec

A collection of some of the most silly and adorable things RJ has said: Fall 2013

RJ: Mom, A told me about her dream to be a mermaid. I wanted to tell her that mermaids aren’t real, but I didn’t.
Me: Good boy. It’s important to let friends keep their beliefs in magical stories and ideas because it makes the world more beautiful and joyful.
RJ: Yeah, like, I let my friends believe in Disney all the time!

RJ: Mommy, can I ask you a serious question?
Me: Of course!
RJ: What is six plus six?

I’m irresponsible because I don’t like to take baths. And when I grow up I’m going to stay irresponsible because I want to be stinky forever.

Cowboys aren’t real anymore. They all died and went to the mythical land of the wild wild west.

Look at this monster truck jump I made! It’s for monster truck drivers in love! Watch as they drive through the pond of love!

Beware of monsters! If you want to call me Granola Hippo, but my real name is Monster Catching Mike!

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