25 Years

28 Nov

How I Met Your Mother Season 3, Episode 9, “Slapsgiving”

Robin: I’m sorry. Sometimes I forget how seriously you guys take American Thanksgiving. Real Thanksgiving happened over a month ago.

I probably wouldn’t even know that Americans have a giant turkey feast on the third or fourth (or whatever) Thursday in November if it weren’t for the 100’s of sitcom Thanksgiving episodes I’ve watched over the years.

Yet, despite 30 years of indoctrination from American television, I’m still left wondering, What’s the big deal? We’ve never had a big family dinner and I never learned any stories about the Pilgrims sitting down to eat dinner with the “Indians.”

I’m not American so I’ll probably never truly understand the huge significance.

However, I do understand about being thankful and I have something to be thankful for.

Yes, right now.

On the weekend known as American Thanksgiving, my life-long friend has come home to Thunder Bay!

My friend Erin and her fiancé are living a dream life (or rather, they will be when the student loans are paid off) in Washington. Erin got a week off work for Thanksgiving and decided to surprise her family with a visit home. I’m so lucky that Erin decided to spend some of her valuable family time by visiting me!

As we were having lunch together, we realized we’ve been friends for 25 years. For two 30 years olds, that’s a pretty big chunk of time!




Dear Erin, thank you for 25 hilarious and amazing years. The miles and time zones between us can’t change what we have.

3 Responses to “25 Years”

  1. k-money November 28, 2013 at 3:44 pm #

    Love this!!! Wish I was there. So happy that you and Erin became friends so I could be a part of the experience too (in a small way, haha).

    • L.W. November 30, 2013 at 9:13 pm #

      Thanks, K! Glad to have you in my life too! You provided much laughter to Erin and I over the years. Yes, we were laughing AT you sometimes, but it did enrich our lives!! Haha!

  2. ssowerby November 28, 2013 at 2:28 pm #

    Looks like a great friendship! Those lifelong ones are such a blessing! It is always wonderful to reconnect with someone that has known you since “wayyyy back!” 🙂 Love ya!

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