RJ Says

7 Aug

Here are some of the funniest, cutest, and weirdest things my boy RJ has said: Summer 2013

Mommy, your arm smells like skin farts. But don’t worry, that actually means it doesn’t smell like anything.

RJ: JP, do you want some gotch?
RJ: I want to know if JP wants gotch.
Me: Do you know what that means?
RJ: What?
Me: Great-Gramma calls underwear gotch!
RJ: I’m talking about the food gotch. You know, those little chunks of cereal that you stole from Gramma’s house?

RJ: showing me a toy… This guy’s name is Wonka Wonko Wonka.
Me: What kind of name is that?
RJ: A really old name. It’s an ancient name that’s been around for a million years.

RJ: This is a police bulldozer.
Me: I didn’t know that police used bulldozers.
RJ: Anything is possible on Sesame Street.

Me: holding up a toy Who is this?
RJ: That’s just a girl who wants to go out with a guy.
Me: On a date?
RJ: Um…yeah. On a date. Into the woods. But it won’t be just any ordinary date! It’s going to be a wedgie wart-hog date!

RJ: Mom, this apple reminds me of a teenager.
Me: Why?
RJ: Because look, it’s in the shape of a crescent moon and the moon comes out at night and teenagers stay out all night!
Me: How do you know what teenagers do?
RJ: Because Daddy used to be a teenager!

Once I tripped into a rock and became a cocoon. And then, from out of that cocoon, I became a person.

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