Birthday Blogging: An Overview

6 Aug


Two years ago, when I turned 28, I decided that I was going to have an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party to celebrate my 30th birthday!

Thus began two years of planning!

Why, you might ask, would I start planning two years in advance?

Three reasons:

1. I like making lists and I like planning things.

2. I like theme parties and needed lots of time to slowly accumulate decorations, prizes (both purchased and homemade) and tiny details.

3. In order to afford everything I wanted for the party, I needed plenty of time to save up the money and I had to purchase things well in advance to ensure that the money wasn’t spent on other things (like groceries and heating bills).

Two years of planning and saving and searching and spending resulted in Sunday, August 4th, 2013: Leah’s 30th Wonderland Birthday Extravaganza!

I invited nearly 40 women to come, with the hope that 30 would show up. 33 women RSVPd yes, though 25 actually showed up.

Which ended up being a perfect number because we almost ran out of food!

A local husband and wife team known as The Red Head and The Chef catered our lunch using an afternoon tea party theme as inspiration. The food was delicious and beautifully presented and I’ll be talking more about the food sometime in the next few weeks.

I’ll also be talking more about the brother and sister photography team, known as Oh Snap Photography, who were present for the first half of the party.

In a few weeks, I hope to have the disc of pictures and then I’ll be able to showcase all the fun party details with proper illustrative accompaniment!

As previously mentioned, I want to highlight the caterers and the photographers. I also want to shine a light on the local company who provided me with some of the tea we consumed, my fun decorations, and the wonderful friends who helped me celebrate.

In the weeks and days leading up to the party, Thunder Bay experienced a lot of rain fall and I started stressing out. I didn’t want an inside party because I had no idea how to fit 33 potential guests, caterers, photographers, and decorations into my living room!

Thankfully the sun was shining all day on the 4th, so no complaints there!

Even though it was a good day, there are still a few changes I would make (you know, if I could go back in time) to ensure for a smoother experience:

1. I would have ordered more food or prepared more food…or asked people to bring food. Even though everybody got to eat, I just didn’t feel that it was enough. I was very restrained in my eating and my mom was too. That’s just us being more concerned about the guests than ourselves; hopefully not everybody had to be so delicate.

2. Ten seconds after I turned on the kettle to boil water for tea, a fuse blew. My mom rushed inside to use an inside outlet and found that a lot of the power was out in the house. I don’t know if I could have anticipated this problem beforehand but I felt bad that my mom had to hunt around for a working outlet and then had to keep going inside to boil the kettle again.

3. So, having said that, I should have hired someone to take tea orders and do the running to boil water, and serve the tea. At a friend’s baby shower, guests wrote down the kind if tea they wanted (from a provided list) and it was then served, using the list as a guide. They didn’t hire anybody but it was definitely a more organized way of doing things. Although, our disorganization might not have been an issue had the outside plug worked… Then again, it would have been fun to have someone dressed up as the Mad Hatter serving the guests!

4. On the invitation, I requested that guests come dressed in their Wonderland finery because a photographer would be present to capture the memories. In my head, that meant dress decently because your attire is going to be immortalized in pictures! I expected that some people would dress with the Wonderland theme in mind but most would just dress nice, but normal. I was hoping for a few costumes though. Aside from my dress, four other women were in costume and they looked great. Looking back, I would just be more clear with “costume expectations” on the original invitation.

5. I gave out prizes for the costumes and had prizes for a bunch of guest related trivia questions. I feel that I was really scattered and a bit confusing during the prize portion of the party. I feel like the process should have been more organized but my mom assures me it was fine and nobody cared that I was skittering around like a beheaded chicken.

Then again, beheaded chicken is actually my default setting so I guess people who know me are used to it by now.

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for more Birthday Blogging in the weeks to come!

2 Responses to “Birthday Blogging: An Overview”

  1. Annie August 7, 2013 at 9:31 am #

    Fun! Can’t wait to see pictures! So glad the weather cooperated, sounds like a wonderful celebration.


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