Visions of Saturday Mornings vs Realities of Saturday Mornings

10 Jul

Every weekend I have visions of a a beautiful morning wherein our family will spend a few peaceful hours checking out a few yard sales and perusing the farmer’s market.

In my vision we all get to sleep in until 7:30. At which point, Jason and I will leisurely drink some tea and take turns showering while the boys play quietly together and watch cartoons.

We will get in the car around 9 and drive to the market. On the way there, we will stop at any yard sale that looks interesting. The kids will be happy to get in and out of the car because the prospect of finding cheap toys keeps them going.

At the market, We will wander aimlessly, stopping to talk to people we know, sampling bits of fudge and elk sausage. We will buy some pizza for lunch, cookies for the kids, and some veggies and local beef for the week. Then we will leave, completely refreshed and restored because of the amazing selection of locally grown and produced products. The local artisans and business owners will make me proud of my city.

But that’s never what actually happens.

RJ wakes up at 5 or 6 and drags Jason upstairs to play Lego. I wake up a hour (sometimes two hours) later and find Jason asleep on the couch while RJ blathers on and on, unaware that his father is unconscious.

JP wakes up screaming because he’s soaked in pee and he screams even louder when I try to change his clothes.

Jason and I spend two hours refereeing stupid fights about Legos and Star Wars characters, taking turns hiding in the shower and running downstairs to get dressed. JP screams at the top of the stairs, “DOWN STAIRS!” the entire time one of us is down there.

We leave the house at 10:30 or 11 and ignore all the yard sales because stopping the car makes RJ scream, “I’m never getting out of this seat!” and makes JP scream, “OUT CAR NOW!”

We drive around the parking lot for 15 minutes looking for a spot, then we walk a mile to the building while dodging drivers who aren’t paying attention to pedestrians.

Inside the market, chaos reigns. Hundreds of people are swarming and they don’t care that you have a stroller; they don’t care that you have a small child. They do, however, care if you accidentally tap the backs of their heels with said small child sitting in said stroller.

The child who isn’t in the stroller complains that walking makes his legs hurt and if he doesn’t get a moose shaped cookie right away he’s just going to go home by himself.

Any time we bring our children, we leave the market completely exhausted, angry, and disenchanted. Visiting a crowded market with wee ones is almost enough to make me swear off supporting the local economy.

Almost. But not really. The key is, to go to the market and other little local stores when Grandma is babysitting. It’s much easier to navigate crowds and chaos without screaming children.

Also, the key to family fun with young children is low expectations.

As long as you return home alive, the outing can be called a success.

2 Responses to “Visions of Saturday Mornings vs Realities of Saturday Mornings”

  1. Lisa July 17, 2013 at 2:02 pm #

    Oh this made me chuckle a little – though it probably shouldn’t! Especially “sleep in until 7:30”! Also, if you don’t mind a shameless plug here – try the Green House/True North Co-op on Saturdays if the market is too crazy. It’s open from 10 – 5, there is way less crowd, plenty of space for a stroller and a LOT of the Co-ops suppliers are also Market vendors, so you can still get some of the great local Market products (including produce, eggs and meat) without having to worry so much about the wee ones. It is hard to find a farmers market nowadays that isn’t super busy – which is a wonderful sign for the local economy but I can see how it would be a nightmare for anyone with tiny ones in tow. Good luck on your future Saturday adventures! 🙂

    • L.W. July 23, 2013 at 9:54 pm #

      Thanks Lisa, we actually did our farmer’s market shopping at the co-op this past Saturday!

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