Canada Day

1 Jul

Dear Canada

You are not a perfect country, it’s true. Then again, there is no such thing as a perfect country.

One does not choose the country of his or her birth so it seems silly to be “Proud to be Canadian.” How can you be proud of something over which you had no control?

Despite that fact, and despite the problems of this country, I am glad to be Canadian. I’m happy that I live north of the 49th parallel. If I had to choose somewhere to live right now, I would pick this exact spot.

This is where I want to be.

We immigrants and descendants of immigrants don’t like to talk about the history of abuse and displacement to your original inhabitants. I would imagine this is something you think about constantly. I would imagine that makes you, as giant mass of land, quite angry.

Nonetheless, unlike the human race, you do not discriminate. I thank you for welcoming my ancestors in to your vast prairie interiors and to the majestically forested perimeter of the greatest of your Great Lakes.

You offered up your soil, your forests, and your veins of silver so my ancestors could build a life. Thank you for making such amazing sacrifices.

My grandparents and parents were born in Canada, as was I, as was my husband, as were my children. This land is my home and I love it.

You didn’t start out as Canada, but in 1867, that is what we called you. Happy Birthday to you, dear Canada.

And thank you.

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