I Love RJ, Let Me Count The Ways

9 May

Travel Blogging: Random writings about random parenting issues.
A detailed visual report of our voyage is forthcoming upon my return.

Yesterday, I wrote, “In order to appease my mom-guilt, tomorrow I’ll be listing a few reasons why my children are so wonderful and amazing.” Well, I’m actually just talking about why I love my first-born because time is lacking this evening. Sorry JP, I’ll get to you after our trip is over! I promise!

These are some of the reasons I love my oldest son, RJ:

RJ is so ridiculously adorable!

He is also smart and learns quickly.

He is curious about everything and asks so many great questions. He remembers the answers and then talks about them weeks later.

RJ is concerned about people around him and people all over the world. He wants to know why we donate clothes, donate money, and donate other things: where are the donations going, who is getting help, why do they need help? He tries to think of additional ways we can help.

He is starting to understand social mores and watching him learn and make connections is really interesting. I don’t want him to be tied down by traditional roles, but learning about society through the eyes of a child is fascinating.

Just as RJ is learning about traditional societal roles, he’s also learning that he is able to like whatever he wants. He knows that anybody can wear nail polish and he knows that pink is a genderless colour. He is influenced by what his peers think, but watching him make his own decisions about “controversial” topics (“My favourite colour is pink!”) is heartwarming.

RJ is so observant and notices the tiniest details in pictures and stories.

RJ loves to help out and he loves to have a job to do. His daycare teachers say he always wants to help serve lunch and poor the drinks; he’s always willing to help clean up too.

When RJ gets a small scrape or a bump, a kiss from his mommy can make everything better.

RJ loves to tell stories and is very inventive and imaginative when regaling people with his tales.

RJ has a great vocabulary, which make his stories even more interesting. And sometimes ridiculous. The more ridiculous the better actually.

Like most children learning how to speak, RJ had lots of difficulty with pronunciation. Almost all of his “little kid” pronunciation is gone, but he still adds an extra syllable to certain pluralized words: vests = vestess, masks = maskess. I will miss that when he grows out of it.

RJ tells adorable jokes but doesn’t leave any space between the question and the punchline.

RJ likes to give equal opportunity to all his stuffed toys and asks to sleep with a “different character” every night.

RJ is often very affectionate and enjoys holding hands, giving hugs and kisses, and always tells his parents and brother he loves them.

He like to be around me.

Well my son, I love you too! And I also like being around you! You annoy me to no end, but the love never waivers.

What are some of the reasons YOU love YOUR child?

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