Guest Post: Dear JP, You are Two Years Old!

23 Apr

When I committed to writing monthly development letters for the first 24 months of my children’s lives, I asked that Jason write a letter too.  I would never ask him to write monthly letters (When would he have the time?), but I asked that he write a letter for the children’s first birthdays.  Jason got a nice letter written for RJ’s first birthday and then, somehow, JP’s first birthday flew by without Jason getting a chance to write anything.  So I said, “Hey, it’s no big deal, just write a letter for his second birthday!”  So here it is, two months late, but here nonetheless!

JP’s Two Year Letter by Jason, aka: The Daddy in the Eating Dirt family.

Dear JP,
I cannot believe it has been two years already!! In some ways I feel like you have always been here and in others like it was just yesterday when you were born. I think I felt the same way on your first birthday as well as on all 4 of your brother’s birthday’s so far.

You, my son, are a little miracle and I am so amazed by you ever single day. While every day is a learning experience for you, whether it’s falling off of a table (what is your obsession with standing on the table in only a diaper and boots?), trying my protein shake, or copying a new word, you also teach me something every day: how absolutely wonderful it is to be your Dad! Also, I’ve learned that apple pieces in your coffee is actually pretty good, who knew?

You’ve had a pretty hard go these two years, you want to talk to us so badly, but the words just aren’t there yet. I can’t remember the exact date you began babbling (but I bet Mommy has it written down somewhere) but you are so vocal, with an entire vocabulary that only you can understand. You and I have had some very long and heartfelt conversations without me understanding a single word that has come out of your mouth. It’s frustrating for you, not being able to make yourself understood all the time, but it’s getting there. The words are coming, and it seems like every day you have a few new ones, it won’t be long until you are speaking complete sentences and having debates with us about what you will eat for dinner.

Speaking of dinner, you’ve hit your picky stage already, which is a little sad for your Mom and I. We had high hopes of a great eater all the way through childhood but…it wasn’t to be. Unfortunately you seem to love junk food just a little too much and the only person that can get you to eat good food is Grandma.

You really love Grandma and have come to realize that you are missing out when your older brother goes over there, so you are getting a lot more Grandma time these days which is good! You and I also get to spend a lot more time together lately which I love, I’d prefer it wasn’t happening at 4 in the morning, but I’ll take what I can get. You are always so happy to see us when either Mommy or I have to come in and give you a bottle in the middle of the night that I almost hate putting you back to bed!

We’ve had some great cuddles lately, you love to cuddle up in my lap and put one of my hands on your belly while I hold your foot (or feet) in the other. If I try to move the hand away from your belly, you immediately grab my hand and put it back. So cute! Although you do seem to gravitate towards Mommy, I am very happy that you and I get to spend time together and that you are always so happy to see me when I come home from work. One morning when I was on my way to work I jokingly bent down and said, ‘come give me a hug and a kiss’ and you ran right over and did both, you melted my heart!! That made my week!

I need to tell you a little secret River: I was scared to death before you were born. Not that I was worried that I couldn’t be a Daddy to you, but I was so scared that I wouldn’t have enough love to give to two children. I’m sure it’s a fear that a lot of Daddy’s have, but the second I saw your red little face, it was like a new room opened up in my heart and I knew there wouldn’t be a problem having enough love for two. I didn’t get to hold you right away though as they whisked you off to do testing and make sure you were okay. I had to hold myself back from going and breaking up the group of doctors because I wanted – I NEEDED – to hold you and only then would I know you were okay. You were, and it was only a minute or two before they brought you back and gave you to Mommy and I. I’ve worried about you every day since, you’re my little daredevil with no sense of fear or caution, it is full tilt and damn the torpedoes with you. I have a feeling that it always will be, and that’s okay because it is you. I want you to know that it is always okay to be yourself no matter what.

I love you so much JP, you are my amazing big/little boy and though I want you to take all the time you need to get there, I am so happy that I get to be part of seeing you grow up into the incredible big JP I know you will be.
Love you always,

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