Saying Goodbye to Old Clothes

17 Apr

I am a pack-rat.  I like to keep objects that are no longer useful (to me) because of the memories associated with them.  I’m working on this and realizing that not everything needs to be kept, but memories can still be preserved.  For example, I don’t have to keep every piece of my child’s artwork.  I can take photographs and keep them on a memory stick or a hard drive.

In the same vein, I don’t have to keep all the clothes I no longer wear because there are pictures of me wearing those clothes!  I have a lot of clothes I no longer wear and sometimes, especially if it’s something I loved wearing, I have a hard time letting go. But I have to tell myself, the memories can be preserved in a photograph, which takes up a lot less space

As a child, I dressed in pink and neon and pastel colours, in whatever styles were plentiful at the second-hand shops.

As a teenager, I dressed in plaid.  I wore ripped jeans and a tshirt under a plaid dress shirt.  Or sometimes I mixed it up with flannel pajama bottoms or dress pants…with a tshirt under a plaid dress shirt.  I had a lot of plaid.

In University, I wore black.  I dyed my hair black and (mostly) wore black pants with black tshirts.

As a young married woman I wore jeans and tshirts of varying colours.

As a young mom, I’m wearing pajama pants and tshirts.  I have a huge closet full of clothes and I dress up to go out but my “at home” mom uniform is pajama pants (or jeans if I’m feeling adventurous) and tshirts.

The last few paragraphs paints me as a person who was constantly reinventing herself.  Really, it was just a life of growth and transformation.  I’m sure most people have similar stories.

I’ll be entering my 4th decade of life soon (what?!) and have vowed to get rid of clothing that is no longer useful to me.  If I don’t wear it because it’s for a younger age or I’ll never fit into it again, then it shouldn’t be in my closet anymore.

I remember once, in University, I laid out all my plaid clothing on my bed and there were 83 shirts, pants, scarves, and hats.  I took a picture of my plaid covered bed, then picked out a few of my favourite and most comfortable items and donated the rest.

I can do that again now.  I have to seriously look at each item and consider if it’s appropriate for me.  I have so many clothes that I hoped to go back to after my children were born.  The funny thing is, now that the kids are here and a few years have gone by, I actually can’t go back.  I weigh the same as before, but not a single button will button and not a single zipper will zip.  My body has changed and my mind has changed; I don’t want to dress like I did when I was 22 years old.

I’m getting closer to 30 and I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.  I’m getting to know myself and becoming more comfortable with myself.  Likely, this will be an ongoing process.  I do know that I want to represent myself as well as possible.  I’m striving to be comfortable and honest in all areas of my life and this includes the contents of my closet.

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