RJ Says

1 Jan

A collection of some of the weird, sweet, and, funny things that RJ has said: Fall 2012 edition.

Do clocks talk?
But they TICK tock!

Here daddy (handing a balloon animal dog), here’s your dick skin!

Can we get some poison. I’ve heard poison will change your life!

The stripey street was called stripey stripey stripe street, king of all the stripiest stripe streets!

I love my brother but sometimes I just want him to go away.

Making letters and frost warnings, playing weather man:
This one is called flirtation. That means bring your oranges inside before they freeze!

Do you know what my favourite thing to do is? Going on adventures with Gramma!

(yelling over and over)
JP is my best buddy!!

Turn the outside lights on so everybody driving by will know that we’re getting ready for bed.

Sometimes, when I get up in the middle of the night to go potty, I go to the bathroom to weigh myself. Just for fun.

This is the helicopter pilot. His name is Jordan River. His second name is Jordan River Deep and Wide. His full name is Jordan River Deep and Wide Hallelujah.

The last time I wore a stinker butt, I put my head inside a cow. Then I climbed right inside, then someone squeezed the udder and I came flying out!

I’m really proud that nothing goes up my butt.

Inside everyone, there is a letter of the alphabet. For example, I have an R inside me. You have a Q. JP has a V.

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