Twenty Two Months

22 Dec

Dear JP

Today you are twenty two months old! And to celebrate this mini milestone, you decided to start running a fever in the afternoon! I’m glad because we almost had two weeks of health before RJ, myself, and you decided being healthy wasn’t so much fun after all.

At the beginning of December, you had a mild fever and a mild cold, followed by an intense week of being grumpy. Which may or may not have been due to some major constipation. Thankfully, you had a couple good weeks of being happy before this most recent bout of germ infestation.

We finished off last month with our annual visit to Santa Claus at the mall. It was basically Santa’s first day on the job so there were barely any other kids around, which means we didn’t have to wait long. I pushed your stroller up close so you could watch the kids in front of us sit with Santa. You were grinning and waving and yelling HI over and over again. At that point, I wasn’t worried that you’d be crying in your Santa picture. You walked right up to him when it was your turn and just kept smiling. You cuddled up on his lap like it was the most natural thing in the world. Success!

We also finished off the month with some Santa as well. RJ’s daycare Christmas party on December 21st, you were LOVING the jolly white bearded dude!

On November 23, we woke up to a winter wonderland. We’d been having a pretty warm November and I really wasn’t expecting so much snow in one shot. A few days earlier, we were playing outside without any jackets, now it’s full snowsuit weather, full stop!

I opened the door for you in the morning do you could see the snow. At first you were excited because I was opening the door and you were already planning your escape. But then you stopped, completely flabbergasted and bewildered. You stared out at the white front yard with a look of horror for five minutes straight. I can only imagine what was going through your head. In one night, your world was transformed!

I put your snowsuit on and you screamed the entire time. Then I went to the door and opened it and you cried furiously and slammed the door. You barricaded your little body in front of the door and continued crying bitterly. I moved you, opened the door and you ran into the kitchen, still crying. So I picked you up and put you down in some snow. You stood still and cried for awhile and then took off running. Maybe you were trying to get away from the snow, but it was everywhere! I left the gate open to take the recycle bags to the end of the driveway and I think something clicked in your brain. The desire to get through the open gate overtook your horror of the snow. You stopped crying and cautiously started making your way over to me. Once you made it past the car, you were smiling. Then you immediately started eating snow. It must be instinct for kids to do that. Anyway, you had a little fun and we walked down the street for a while. Then the wind picked up and you were more than happy to return to the house.

The rest of the month saw snow melting, warmer weather, rainy weather, more snow, more melt, and finally a bit of snow with cold. Throughout it all, you’ve remained steadfast in your distaste for mittens. You refuse to keep them on, and spend a lot of time whining because of cold fingers.

You are still loving Blues Clues this month and you’ve started giggling at the jokes (or what you perceive to be jokes) and clapping every time Steve (or Joe) finds a clue.

New words this month:
Cacka – cracker
Heh-me – help me
Uck – duck or truck, depending on the context
Moo – moose
Abbat – open it
Pees -please

Nakink – no idea

Every morning you like to go through some of your words, as if you need inventory. I will walk into your bedroom, turn on the light, and you’ll be standing in your crib already waving at me. I carry you downstairs, put you on the floor, and you say, “Hi mommy, hi daddy, hewwo, bye, uh oooohhhhh, nooooooo, HEH ME, cookie, HOO HOO!! Then you go on your merry way, obviously satisfied that you haven lost anything important.

You’re not good eater anymore. I must face the facts about that. You mostly subsist on a diet of crunchy carbs. Crackers and pasta, with the occasional cheese and yogurt.

Your sleep is still hit and miss. You sleep through the night about twice a week. The rest of the time, you wake up once or twice. It’s manageable if I force myself to go to bed early and if your brother doesn’t wake up several times as well.

Your favourite show is still Blues Clues and you ask to watch it from the moment you wake up, until the moment we put you to sleep. This obsession has given way to your obsession with having a crayon and a spiral bound notebook, Just like Steve/Joe and the show.

And you love scribbling with crayons and markers now. And you still love cuddling with soft toys (you even sleep with a stuffed toy now), and cars and trucks. You’re becoming so focused when you run your cars up and down the carpet or cram them into various play structures (school house, dollhouse, fire station).

That’s it for this month. I have to go and comfort you as you’re currently screaming in your crib. I will leave you with this: you detest socks and will stop at nothing to get them off your feet!

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