Lasting Impression

10 Sep

Don’t you dare put salt on your corn on the cob! You have young taste buds, you don’t need salt!

Hey, you better get some crackers for that cheese! You need to balance the cheese out with some crackers!

I’ve paraphrased a bit, but my mom said those two things to me many times throughout my childhood.

She was right of course. A young child doesn’t need to be loading up on salt because food often tastes good without it. Plus, a body only needs a certain amount of salt in one day.

My brother and I would watch in awe as my dad shook salt and pepper (and sometimes tabasco sauce, soya sauce, and other condiments) over every single plate of food in disgustingly excessive quantities. My mom said he needed extra help to taste his food because his taste buds were ruined by years of smoking cigarettes. The message I received was that only gross old men with broken tongues needed salt. So salt was vilified and became taboo!

Mom was right about the cheese too, in a way. Cheese is high in fat and, while the average child doesn’t have those kind of worries, my mom was attempting to set us up for a lifetime of healthy choices. Like with salt, the human body only needs a certain amount during one day. A little less cheese and a few crackers instead of a huge chunk of cheese makes for a more balanced snack.

Also, cheese is more expensive than crackers and I’m sure, given our financial situation, my mom liked to save money. The message I received was that cheese is special and should be eaten in small quantities. To eat cheese without accompaniment is wrong and therefore it was…taboo!

So, while I do agree with the messages my mom was trying to impart, despite my childlike interpretation, I never imagined the impact her words would have on me as an adult!

I like to put salt on my corn on the cob sometimes. And on my popcorn. I also like to cut a piece of cheese from the block and leave the crackers in the cupboard! And any time I do this – use salt unnecessarily or eat cheese without crackers – I hear my mom’s voice!

You have young taste buds!

Get some crackers!

And then I sprinkle some salt on my corn or eat a bite of cheese and feel like a rebel.

Some kids rebel by smoking cigarettes or drinking a lot of alcohol. I definitely didn’t want to do what my dad did, so I rebelled with innocuous food items.

Yes, it’s true. I’m pure evil.

How about you? Are there any things your parents said to you as a child that you still think about as an adult? Has any of their advice and/or orders made a lasting impact?

I wonder which of my advice and orders will make such a strange and lasting impression on RJ and JP…

3 Responses to “Lasting Impression”

  1. Steph September 12, 2012 at 7:44 pm #

    Every time I make pasta I hear my dad telling me that pasta must never go back in the pot! It has to stay in the strainer/colander! I’m not entirely sure why he thinks that but I put pasta back in the pot all of the time when I mix it with sauce.

    • eatingdirt83 September 12, 2012 at 9:37 pm #

      I’m glad you’re such a rebel!

      • Steph September 13, 2012 at 9:17 pm #

        You’re a bad influence on me! 🙂

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