There For My Kids

8 Sep

When I was two years old, I slipped in a puddle of my own urine and fell hard on to the floor. I remember my mom’s sympathy and my dad’s harsh words.

What kind of idiot yells at a potty training two-year-old for having an accident and getting hurt?

This is one of my first memories and I think it speaks volumes as to what makes an impression on a child. At that young age, I already knew who I could turn to for sympathy and kind words.

My mom was the rule maker, the rule enforcer, the fun provider, the love provider, and the comforter. She was always there for my brother and I and this is something I hope to emulate for my own children.

I want to be there for my boys as my mom was there for me. The long-term goal is to have my boys look back on their childhood years and remember me as a mom who was there physically and emotionally whenever they needed me.

This is something I have to remember when RJ hands me whatever he pulls from his nose; when he screams for me in the middle of the night; when he calls for me to wipe his bum. These seemingly insignificant day-to-day events are often annoying. However, if I ignore my boy or complain (to his face), he will be affected.

After all, I remember being called stupid when I slipped in my pee. I remember asking my dad to help me wipe once (my mom wasn’t around), and I ended up with shit smeared all over my legs and back.

I’m bound to screw up but it won’t be because I drunkenly covered my kids in their own feces. I want my kids to remember me as a parent who tried!

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