The Growth of Stuff

29 Jul

When you find out you’re expecting a baby, you slowly start to accumulate the necessities and slowly start to assemble an area devoted to the baby – a bedroom or a corner of your own bedroom. Maybe even a large walk-in closet.

The crib is ready with fresh linen (for whenever the baby will use it), the change table is stocked and ready with all the necessary supplies, and all the clothing and toys (and other stuff like burp cloths) are neatly in their specific place.

When the baby is born, everything is ready to go.

The first six weeks (or so) are a mad chaotic mess as you get used to having a helpless little creature in your lives (and house). Slowly you start to establish a routine of sorts; it gets easier to do things when the baby naps. And then, when the baby is older, it becomes possible to do a few chores as the little one is able to entertain him or herself for short (and then longer) periods of time.

Sometime around your child’s first birthday, you’ll sit back and realize that your previously clean living room is a disaster of toys!

Where did they all come from?

Because you know perfectly well that when your child was first born, you just had a few rattles in a tiny toy basket on a shelf.

The explosion of toys happens slowly over the course of a year.

Then your child gets older (2 or 3) and develops specific interests. The rattles, stacking rings, and squeaky toys are replaced with Hot-wheels, Little People, and all kinds of die-cast characters.

Then add a second baby to the mix and all of a sudden your house is full of little kid toys AND baby toys!

Not to mention a set of clothes for a toddler and another one for the baby. Two sizes of shoes too. And don’t forget diapers!

You try desperately to stop the flow but yard sales and second hand shops and birthdays and rewards for pooping on the potty keep coming and coming and coming!

It’s not that you despise the chaos, though sometimes you long for the simplicity of life before children.

No, most of the time you embrace and enjoy the chaos. When else do you get to spend spare time building train tracks, squishing play dough and driving cars over mountains?

The chaos is good. But how did it happen so quickly? Where did it all come from? How long does it last?

These are the things I think about while I’m trying to organize the storage room and the toy/clothing storage for the millionth time.

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