Seventeen Months

22 Jul

Dear JP

Today you are seventeen months old!

This has been a pretty rough month with regards to sleep. You spent the majority of the month waking up two to five times a night screaming for inexplicable reasons.

I thought maybe you were too hot to sleep (as your room is hotter than the rest if the house) or maybe a teething issue. You have four molars that have broken through the gums and I can feel the top two canine teeth just below the gums. Maybe it’s those incisor suckers that have been waking you up at all hours.

Whatever the reason, things did get a bit better at the end of the month. July 16th you slept a solid ten hours and followed that up with several more just like it. I’d like to say we’ve turned a corner and have returned to a solid sleep schedule, but I know it’s only a matter of time before we’re walking around like zombies again.

You’re down to one nap a day now. I’m pretty sure I’ve said that before (though too lazy to check last month’s letter) but this past month has only seen one day where we had to give you an additional cat-nap in the late afternoon.

You usually wake up between 7 and 9am, have a nap three or four and a half hours later, and then you’re in bed between 7 and 9pm.

You really love your before bed bottles (and we still give you bottles in the middle of the night if (and when) you wake up crying) but you don’t really have a huge interest in daytime bottles. You’re starting to drink a lot of water these days in a small plastic bottle. I’ve been trying you with a sippy-cup but all you want to do is throw it on the floor.

Which is what you’re doing with most food too! You love to eat and try all kinds of different foods but if you’re if you’re at the table, you want to throw food. Your favourite way to eat is to chase after a person who has food or to steal from other people’s plates and bowls.

No new words this month just a whole lot of mama, mommy, dada, and daddy. A little bit of nooooo, uh ohhhh, bye, hi, hewwo (hello), and you’re trying desperately to copy us with other words. Like, what does a cow say? Maaaaaaaaahhhh!!! Close! Maybe we’ll get a moo out of you be next month.

Your favourite “games” right now are as follows:

Dragging around blankets and pillows while screaming gleefully, then throwing the blankets and pillows on the floor.

Talking on pretend phones…and everything is a telephone

Spinning around in circles, then falling down and laughing

Walking backwards

Climbing on everything

Pushing cars along the floor

Head butting windows, the floor, and toys.

Being chased

Putting objects into containers

On July 11th, you figured out how to take off your diaper. I went to get you from your crib and your diaper was around your knees. When I picked you up, you peed all over me. Later on in the day, you pooped on the bathroom floor. I, your sweet mother, stepped in the poop! I wasn’t too impressed. I was even less impressed when I followed you out into the living room to find you had peed all over living room floor.

What a messy day! I think you’re making up for lost time. I would like to brag about your peeing right now! You, my child, have not once peed during a diaper change since we left the hospital. When you were less than a day old, you peed a beautiful arc from your bassinet all the way to the door! I thought it was foreshadowing of what was to come! But after that day, your little peeper stayed shut whenever the diaper came off.

I assumed you only liked to pee in the warmth of a diaper. But walking around making little piles of urine on the floor is starting to be yet another one of your favourite games!!

For the time being, floor peeing is cute! Enjoy it while you can!

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