13 Jul

My children have a lot of toys. Like, a LOT lot. Many brand new, but most are hand-me-downs and yard sale finds. Somehow I can justify spoiling him if the spoilage comes from second-hand sources. It’s easy to buy lots when the price tag says 25 cents.

RJ is at the age where his imagination is really starting to develop. I love listening to him play when he doesn’t know I’m near. He re-enacts entire story lines from his favourite shows and makes up a lot of new little scenarios himself.

Some of his favourite toys are the little character figurines from those shows. For instance, little Pablo from the Backyardigans, and little Blue from Blues Clues, and more recently, little Cinderella from, you know, Cinderella. When we find those characters at yard sales or Salvation Army or *coughWalmartcough*, we usually buy them. RJ gets so involved and wrapped up in elaborate scenes of make-believe and I immediately start wishing I could find the rest of the characters for him.

As in, we can’t JUST have Buzz! We also need Woody and Rex and Slinky and Jessie and Barbie… And we can’t JUST have Dora. We need Isa and Boots and Tico and Swiper…

But therein lies the problem! There are too many characters. I could probably scan eBay and yard sales and second hand shops forever and still be unable to find every little friend from a beloved show. And then if course ‘they’ keep making more shows. Or rather, we find new shows to amuse our young child, thereby introducing new characters to his realm of play and imagination.

And that’s just it: imagination. I definitely did NOT have a character toy to match all my favourite tv personalities, but I turned out fine, right? A bit neurotic perhaps…

RJ really doesn’t need a hand-held representation of ALL his little friends. He was given a Tangled play set for his birthday that came with Rapunzel but not Flynn Rider. Right away he asked for Flynn Rider (and believe me, I looked all over town) but I told him there wasn’t one. Then he was fine. Everybody got a turn to climb up Rapunzel’s hair (Woody, Playmobil Man, Lego Dude, the whole gang)!

Despite getting daily reminders of the awesome imagination, I have such a strong urge to find ALL the toys. After all, if you don’t have the entire cast, how can you possibly play a proper game of Disney Princess? Or Thomas the tank Engine?

I’ve got to stamp that urge and resist! Why do I even want to overload RJ’s playtime with all these little figures? He’s already got a whole arsenal of characters in his head, ready to come out and play at a moment’s notice!

Hooray for imagination!

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