Sixteen Months

22 Jun

Dear JP, today you are 16 months old!

The day started out great because you slept from 9pm to 6am. In a perfect world, you would sleep later than 6am but this was the first time you’ve slept through the night in a looooong time. I hope it becomes a regular occurrence!

At this point, your normal schedule is bed around 9pm and waking up around 9am. If you wake up in the middle of the night, your morning war up is pushed back by about half an hour. The more times you wake up, the further your ‘final’ wake up is pushed back. You are down to one nap a day UNLESS you wake up around 6 or 7. In that case, you have a late morning nap and a late afternoon nap. Otherwise it’s just one afternoon nap.

We’ve phased you off of the lactose-free milk because I read somewhere that most children grow out of a sensitivity to lactose around two years old. I thought we should try it now as opposed to waiting because that lactose free stuff is expensive. So far you seem fine.

You have a morning bottle, a bedtime bottle, and a few drinks from a bottle during the day. But you’re much more interested in food! Your favourite foods are strawberries, blueberries, cheese, bread, yogurt, and anything mom and dad have.

Over the last couple of weeks, “mama” has made a permanent home in your vocabulary.

So now your vocabulary consists of Mama, dada, daddy, hi, hello (hewwo), baaaaaaaa (bye), no, and uh oh! Oh, and “shhhhhhhh!” And lots of babbly baby talk, the most common being, “needin-needin-needin-needin”!

You still love spitty noises and anything gross you can do with your tongue. Recently you’ve been experimenting with open mouthed kisses. There’s nothing more hilarious than trying to lick my tongue. At least not in your opinion!

And raspberries everywhere! If you see a patch of unclothed skin, you’re all over that. Sometimes you’ll attack even if there isn’t any visible skin! If someone is bent over, you will launch yourself at their back and blow a sloppy raspberry all over the shirt.

Other favourite games are still putting things into things (toys into buckets, etc) and throwing things over things (toys over the baby gate). Other favourites include poking your fingers into our noses, mouths, ears, and eyes. Can’t say I’m too crazy about that game but you seem to love it. You’re also starting to dance now. Your dancing is just leaning your body weight back and forth from one foot to the other. You look so proud doing your dance that I could never critique your style. Keep dancing away!

When you’re around your brother, you spend all your time looking at him, laughing at him, following him, trying to get near him, and getting pushed by him. On you’re on your own, I’m really starting to notice your attention span growing. If you’re not distracted by big brother, you will sit and play with a little group of toys for 20 minutes. Sometimes you will flip through board books for that long as well.

But you do have moments of extreme clingyness. Sometimes you will whinily follow me around through the house, literally clinging to my clothes. You want to be picked up. You want to be put down. You want a bottle. You want food. You don’t know what you want! You’re just grumpy and whiny and you don’t know why. It probably has something to do with teething or learning something new. I guess you’re entitled to be grumpy every so often.

You don’t always have to know what you want. I’ll do my best to guess and hopefully I will meet all your needs!

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