Tango said

5 May

Originally posted February 2012. Posted again as a lead-up to another post…

At 3:40 am I’m awoken by a small voice screaming, “Tango said!”

It’s my oldest son. He’s wide awake.

I take him back to bed and lay down with him for a few minutes, hoping he’ll fall back to sleep.

He starts crying hysterically. I ignore him for awhile before asking, as calmly as I can, “What’s wrong?”

He stops crying almost immediately and says, “Tango said.”

Jai and I are currently trying to ignore baby-talk and words that don’t make sense because RJ is obviously quite capable of communicating properly. He’s had a huge vocabulary for a long time and never once used gibberish or baby-talk before JP made his entrance.

So I ignore Tango said. It’s not really baby-talk or gibberish but, in context, it makes no sense.

I stare back into my boy’s hazel eyes as he insistently repeats, “Tango said,” resisting the urge to throttle him.

He finally says, “Mommy, I’m thirsty.”

I ask him what he wants.

He draws an imaginary picture on the wall at the head of his bed. I ignore the ‘picture’ as he smiles and looks from me to the wall and back again.

Eventually he asks for milk. I go and get him some milk, he drinks it, lays down and closes his eyes. I go back to my bed.

I don’t know what it means, I don’t know where it came from, but it’s safe to say I’m not too fond of Tango said.

It’s been an aggravating few weeks – for this and many other reasons – and Tango has officially worn out his welcome.

Up next, more weird words used in place of real words…

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