Doing What Mom and Dad Do!

26 Apr

I painted my nails a few days ago and I knew my older son would want to do it too. He doesn’t like to be left out! So I painted his nails and he has been happily showing off his manicure to anyone and everyone.

Are his pink fingernails going to “turn him queer” (as my dad would say)? Probably not. If every boy or man who painted his nails automatically became homosexual, there would be a lot more gay men walking around.

To insinuate that painted nails will turn a boy gay is insinuating that doing something inherently feminine is bad, and will result in a bad change (thereby insinuating that being gay is bad).

The whole thing is so ridiculous and doesn’t even warrant a discussion. But I do discuss it because people keep insisting that certain behaviours or clothes or toys or colours belong to certain genders. Can’t we just all agree that every child is different? We should be celebrating those differences!

RJ watches and takes everything in. Sometimes, you don’t even think he’s paying attention…

The bakery lady let him price some canned goods with the price gun.
We played bakery all afternoon.

RJ watched the tail end of a makeup tutorial that I was watching on YouTube. We built Lego makeup palettes and painted our faces for half an hour.

Every show/movie he watches and every book he reads gives him new ideas for imaginative play.

Yesterday RJ watched Harold and His Purple Crayon. He insisted I call him Harold and he carried a purple marker (because we couldn’t find the purple crayon) around with him all day!

After we watch Blues Clues, we get out our notebooks, find clues, and sit in our thinking chairs.

We watch Diego and then spend the rest of the day rescuing animals. I get a lecture if I don’t call him Diego. Or Alicia, depending on which sibling he is at the moment.

My boy is a sponge. He soaks everything in and spits in back out during play time.

Some boys love hockey at a young age because they watch their dad play hockey and watch hockey on tv with their families. That just isn’t our family.

RJ watches his dad work on the computer and record radio shows, then he puts on his headphones and says, “This is RJ and you’re listening to LU Radio,, 102.7FM!

I totally just plugged my husband’s radio station there!

RJ watches me brush my hair and put on foundation and paint my nails. He wants to do it too.

He is learning through observation and reenactment and role-play. It’s all learning and it is the path to self discovery.

With guidance from those who love him, RJ will eventually become his own person with strong ideals and morals. In the meantime, experimenting and exploring and playing are vital parts of childhood that should be encouraged.

And I believe that goes for the little girl who wants to be a princess and the one who wants to be a scientist. Also, for the little boy who wants to be a princess and the one who wants to be a scientist.

One Response to “Doing What Mom and Dad Do!”

  1. stacy April 26, 2012 at 11:20 pm #

    My boys love to use my makeup brushes when I am getting ready in the morning. jack also loves to put lotion on when I do. He always smells like yummy vanilla!

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