Good Boy!

17 Apr

I call every child “Buddy.” Not on purpose, mind you, it just comes out.

What are you doing buddy?

Hi buddy!

Do you need some help buddy!

I just comes out to whatever child I spend time with because I call my own children Buddy so often.

I don’t know how some mothers feel when I call their daughters Buddy but it’s probably better than when I say, “Good boy!” to them. I do that too. Buddy and Good Boy are part of my parenting lexicon.

A scenario:

Working in construction can change the way you talk. I’ve never worked in construction, but I’ve been told by several friends that working in a male-dominated environment (of physical labour or other) has the power to alter your vocabulary. In other words, if you hear your coworkers swearing all day long in casual conversation, it becomes easier to adopt similar speaking patterns.

My brother, the truck driver, is careful about what he says in front of family, but he slips up. After prolonged exposure, it’s hard not to. I would liken it to a North American living abroad for several years and then returning home where everybody is amazed at the newly acquired accent.

The way you speak and what you say is influenced by what you do all day (and where you do it and who you do it with).

I’m with my kids all day. I’m comforting my crying baby and having ridiculous conversations with my three year old.

A big part of my day is being a referee. I have to stop fights (or rather, stop the three year old from hurting the baby) and correct bad behaviour. With the three year old this involves actual conversation. With the baby, who is just learning words and meanings, this involves a lot of sharp NOs and STOPs. I find myself saying “Ah ah ah” and “ta-ta” a lot.

Then I find myself talking to an adult and saying, “Ah ah ah!” or “Good boy!” Even other parents give me a look when that happens. And I wish I could say it’s only happened once!

Hopefully as my kids grow, and I move away from hyper-involved-small-child-parenting-mode, I’ll stop asking my friends if they have to pee before we leave the restaurant.

How about you? Has parenting a small child affected the way you talk?

2 Responses to “Good Boy!”

  1. eatingdirt83 April 24, 2012 at 11:03 pm #

    I remember someone at work (when I used to work outside the home) said she had to go potty. But it wasn’t just once…it was ALL the time. I never said anything. But I wanted to! haha!

    Maybe, when your tummy hurts, you HAVE to say tummy. Because having a sore tummy can reduce one to a wee baby that needs his or her momma!

  2. stacy April 17, 2012 at 5:03 pm #

    Ha ha! This reminds me of my friend. Her husband was gone on a mountain climbing expedition. She sent out an email talking about some of the trials he was experiencing, and she-who formerly taught high school English 11 and 12 and has a WONDERFUL and EXTENSIVE vocabulary-said in the email, “please pray for him because his tummy is hurting.” Lol. I never said anything, but laughed as I could tell she was spending her days entirely with her 1 year old! 🙂

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