7 Apr

My dad’s adoptive parents died long before I was born and his biological mother was in our lives for a few short years before she died.

We spent as much time as possible with my mom’s parents but they lived four hours away (which, I realize, is a lot closer than some).

What were two adorable (my brother and I) Grandparent-less children to do? I’ll tell you what we did: we adopted some Grandparents!

Our neighbours across the street became Nana and Papa. To this day they are still Nana and Papa; to my own children they are Nana and Papa!

Nana was born to be a mother and a grandmother I think. Their only son moved far away and had an only daughter. That granddaughter, who was my age, spent many summers at her grandparents house and they were doting and loving. When she wasn’t there, they were still doting and loving, but us littl’uns across the street were on the receiving end of that love. More so from Nana as Papa has always been the stereotypical male from an older generation: loving from a quiet afar and leaving hands on stuff to his wife.

Nana attended some of our school functions (such as Grandparents Day), knitted us countless mittens, baked us cookies, gave us thoughtful and handmade presents at Easter, Christmas, Halloween, and birthdays. She brought us pancakes on shrove Tuesday. She let us run around in her giant yard endlessly. She invited us into her home to bake, make crafts, colour, and play with her granddaughter’s toys.

Now she’s knitting mittens for my boys! And giving them thoughtful little gifts on special occasions.

Nana gave us the ultimate grandmother experience in a way that my own Gramma didn’t. My Gramma is totally awesome but she isn’t a grandmotherly woman who sits in her rocker knitting booties and has pockets full of humbugs.

Blessed is the child who gets to experience love from a kindly old grandmother.

I just wish she wasn’t so old! I’d like her to stick around for another 20 years so my kids can remember Nana outside of a photo album. And Papa too.

Do you have surrogate grandparents? Do your children have surrogate grandparents?

One Response to “Nana”

  1. stacy April 8, 2012 at 10:52 pm #

    We were incredibly blessed to have my amazing grandparents just a mile away. i spent as much time at their house as I did at my own. It was wonderful! I was also, however, so lucky to have another set of great people nearby. They were our Grandpa Al and Grandma Dixie. I can’t actually remember a time when they WEREN’T in my life-as grandparents! They moved away when I was in grade 6 and I was devastated. They went to California…years later I was there for my first job, and we so blessed to spend extra time with them. They are still around, and still a major part of our lives. Surrogate grandparents rock!

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