Trouble with Words: Adorable Edition

2 Apr

It’s pretty much a guarantee that your child isn’t going to be mute one minute, then speaking in fully formed proper sentences the next. Learning to speak is a lengthy process that begins with the first baby babbles and never really ends.

The first recognisable ‘word’ that RJ said was balloon, but it was only recognisable to Jason and I. While shopping at Zellers, RJ pointed at a red balloon and said, “BOON!”

Oh course I was thrilled! I had a little genius on my hands!

Over the next several months, RJ’s little vocalisations came to have meaning. Ba was ball; ba-ah was bottle; woof-woof was anything furry that moved.

These ‘words’ eventually evolved into proper pronunciation, then full sentences (with proper grammar and everything).

The evolution of the word stroller: So – Stow – Stowd – Stowder – Stollder – Stoller – Stroller

No matter how well your child speaks, with or without speech impediments, there will always be some ridiculous, adorable, and baffling mispronunciations.

Over the past year, I’ve been writing down some of RJ’s mispronunciations. In the past I worried he wouldn’t be able to pronounce the letter R and now I’m finding it necessary to make note of such things.

Regredients (ingredients)
Recited (excited)
Amamal (animal)
Patched (hatched)
Regradge (garage)
Reportant (important)
Turk-poise (turquoise)
Resta-haunt (restaurant)
Jagwater (jaguar)
Lightming (lightning)
Africa Troll Tower (air traffic control tower)
Lidzard (lizard)
Atatak / atatoe (tic tac)
able wear repair truck (cable repair truck)
Cashreer (cashier)
Saturan (Saturn)
Pateran (pattern)

Presumably, these are words he’ll eventually pronounce properly. It’s already happened for a few: one day I noticed he was saying animal instead of amamal. It just happened. Just like that, he was a bit more grown up!

My little boy is growing up; he doesn’t talk like a baby anymore. The hilarious mispronunciations are a part of his childhood that I’m really going to miss.

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