13 Months

22 Mar

In my old blog, I wrote a letter to my older son every month, then later, ever few months, to chronicle his development and remember certain milestones. I began writing monthly letters to my younger son as well and the first twelve letters, as well as the twenty-eight letters to my older son, are all on the old blog. I’m still uncertain if I will bring those old letters over here, but in the meantime, my younger son is 13 months old today…

Dear JP
Today you are 13 months old!

You had your first birthday last month and for some reason, I expected an instantaneous transformation from drooly baby into walking and talking toddler! But you’re still small. And still covered in drool. And don’t forget the snot.

Unless you’re asleep or in your high chair, you never want to stay still. You love crawling around and exploring, especially when RJ isn’t around to stifle your explorations.

March 7th was your first time waving. You copied either dad or I but I’m not sure if you know exactly why you’re doing it. You’re also copying us with other things these days. It’s so cute when you pick up the phone and hold it to your ear and say dada, or when you take your little baby comb and rub it all over your hair.

On March 12th, you added another word to your repertoire: Go-go! So now you’re an expert linguist with Mama, Dada, and go-go in your vocabulary. As well as all the strange sounds and evil growls that were already there.

On March 15th, you learned how to climb up onto the couch. Luckily a few days prior, Gramma taught you how to turn yourself around to go down a step on your belly. You started to crawl off the couch head-first but I said, Ah ah ah!!! You stopped, smiled, and turned around to lower yourself slowly off the couch. Then your practiced your new trick about forty thousand times, laughing hysterically the whole time!

And then you became overly confident when, a few days later, you launched yourself off the couch head first. Hopefully the resulting fit of angry tears will have made an impression on you!

By the end of the month, you’re starting to take more steps. You can occasionally teeter all the way across a room before falling. You’re quite unstable and have little balance but your biggest problem seems to be tripping over your own two feet, which turn inwards.

You’re loving food this month, I think you’re officially done with squishy puréed food. (Though I’ve said that before!) You like to eat just about anything we put on your tray. Your favourite seems to be peaches, bread, and cheese. You follow us around when we have food in our hands: you’re still begging like a little puppy.

You still have quite a few bottles every day (four ounces most of the time and six ounces at bedtime) but I’m trying to start you on small amounts of other stuff in a sippy cup. Gramma has given you water and I gave you some rice milk. I’m unsure about giving you regular milk because of your past lactose intolerance, but you really enjoy cheese and yogurt with no problems.

Sleeping has been going alright. You’re down to one nap a day most of the time, but you occasionally have two naps. It’s kind of a tough situation to balance. If you have two naps a day, bed time is around midnight. If you have one nap a day, bed time is around 8pm. It’s different every day. But thankfully you’re sleeping quite good at night most nights.

You know, when your brother was one year old, I remember thinking he was such a big boy. And you are bigger than he was at the same age so there really shouldn’t be much of a difference. But when I see you standing beside your big brother, looking up at him with a smile on your face, you seem oh so small.

I wonder if it’s the same for all second-born (or last born) children? I wonder if I will always view you as the baby, no matter how big you get. Please be patient with me if I do. Other people comment that you are a big boy, and that you will be a stocky fellow with football player physique. If those predictions come to fruition, you’ll undoubtedly still be my baby. Sorry about that!!

Love, Mama

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