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17 May

Our plan was to fly to Edmonton and meet my brother there and we would all head back to his farm, 3.5 hours north.  

I remember three years ago, we were going to visit my brother and we were worried about the forest fire situation.  Nothing ended up happening and we had a nice visit.

This year, everybody in the world (it seems) is aware of the Fort MacMurry fires and I was wondering if it would affect our trip.  Jesse didn’t seem worried because the giant Fort Mac fire is six hours away from his property, though he did mentioned there were closer fires.  He said the air was smokey but nothing seemed to be happening.  

Then two nights ago, a small fire near his town exploded from 80 hectares to 800 hectares and my brother’s tiny village was evacuated.  Jesse was sitting on his couch watching a movie and waiting for the police to come knock on his door.  He grabbed his cat and the emergency bag he had packed and took off to a friend’s house.

He’s safe for the time being and his house is still standing, but there’s talk of the larger (nearby) town (where he is currently residing with a friend) being evacuated and there’s talk of explosion warnings, should the oil wells catch fire.  Jesse says half the able-bodied employees are helping fight the fires and the rest are working night and day to keep the oil wells drained.

So, needless to say, our original plan of visiting Jesse on his farm isn’t happening.  We’re still going to Alberta (me, my mom, R1, and R2) but it’s going to be a different kind of trip.  My mom’s brother will pick us up from the airport and we will go from there!

We may or may not see Jesse.  We may or may not see his farm.  We aren’t quite sure what’s going to happen, but we’re going anyway and, once the boys get over the disappointment of not staying with Uncle Jesse on the farm, we’re going to have fun.

Hopefully I’ll be able to update with some travel blogging sometime in the next week!

Nothing says ‘mother love’ like a pink bra

8 May

This morning I went searching for gifts that my older boys had hidden in their bedrooms.  We played the most ridiculous game of hot/cold ever and the first present I fond seemed more appropriate for Valentine’s Day….  

Jason snapped a picture of me with the special present that R2 picked out.  I couldn’t stop laughing and he didn’t understand why I found it so funny…

I asked R2 how he knew what size to get.  He said the salesclerk had a wheel in the store and he spun the wheel and it landed on “mommy size” and that’s how they got the right size.  

Jason says the wheel was actually for discounts and this bra ended up being 40% off.  I’m definitely ok with that kind of bargain!

If you look on the top right corner of this card R2 made for me in class, you can see he’s been thinking of the perfect Mother’s Day gift for quite awhile.  Yes…top underwear. 

But it wasn’t all pink and shiny top underwear!  As usual, my guys are pretty good at surprising me with fun little trinkets, hand made and store bought.

We went out for lunch and now we are just relaxing.  It’s been a nice day.

What would I be doing if I had never had children?  What kind of person would I be?

That’s an unanswerable question because close to eight years ago I started my motherhood journey and it’s a journey with no ending. 

A wonderful and horrible shit-show of beauty and chaos.

I love these boys so much!


7 May

Let’s find out who won Laura Heerema’s beautiful perpetual calendar!

Ok, helper, do your thing! 

He’s even closing his eyes…he’s such a professional!

Congratulations to Wilma!  I’ll be in touch with you shortly!

Thank you so much to Laura Heerema!  

It was such a joy to tell people about your gift.  

I’ll be watching your Facebook page closely because I can’t wait to see what else you can do!

R2 says

6 May

It’s been awhile since I’ve t some of the weird and funny things my kid says!  

R2 says: Winter 2016 edition


Here mom, this is for you. It’s a postcard from GOD!!

I accidentally broke my unbreakable toilet paper!


I can’t remember if Stephen Harper is mom’s friend or dad’s friend…


I really don’t want to eat poop. Or pee.


I just have an ordinary bum.


Mommy, Megan said she wants me to be her boyfriend.

What do you think of that?

I think it’s a good idea!


Mommy, thank you for buying me these cylinders of jello!

Littlest Dirt Eater

3 May

The time has come for R3 to join the ranks.  It’s a right of passage.  It’s a milestone.  It’s something all kids do, or at least try to do!  And obviously if I see it happening, I take pictures first, ask questions later. 



(I’m not sure why his hands showed up so red in the pictures.  It wasn’t very cold out.)


Sixty Six

2 May

My dad is sixty six years old today.  

At this age, I like to think many people are winding down their careers and getting ready to have some well deserved rest and some fun retirement adventures!

I think my dad is spending his birthday the way he spends every other day: on the couch watching tv or playing computer solitaire.  Or maybe he is drinking quietly in the basement. 

I believe my dad is in his declining years right now.  He’s actually been steadily declining into depression and addiction since before I was born, but he looks like a walking corpse now and he’s fragile and physically weak.

A few months ago, my dad had a major medical emergency and quit drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.  Completely cold turkey.  For two months.  He’s back to drinking and smoking in secret.  Except he doesn’t really have the mental capacity to hide things anymore.

His last bout of sobriety was nine years ago during a previous health crisis.  That one last eleven days.  The next medical emergency will likely be the last.  

Throughout my entire childhood, my brother and I prayed for my dad to get sober.  

When my children were born, I begged him to go into treatment.  I told him he failed as a father but it wasn’t too late to succeed as a grandfather (I know, harsh).  

I mourned for him years ago and I’m done feeling sad that I never got the father/daughter relationship I so desperately craved.  I was done feeling sad about that a lot time ago and I know that none of his problems have anything to do with me. 

Now I’m just sad for his wasted life and for the grandfather/grandson relationships that could have been and never will be.

My dad had a terrible childhood and definitely suffers from one or more mental illnesses.  He is not book smart at all.  But he used to be funny and witty.  He used to be physically strong.  He used to be an incredibly gifted carpenter and handy man.  

What a waste.  I have my doubts that he’ll even make it through the year.  

Laura Heerema Photography

30 Apr

Remember when I ran into a blog reader at a local fast food establishment several weeks ago?

That blog reader happens to be an incredibly talented local photographer!

Laura Heerema is her name and she has branded her business as Laura Heerema Photography!

Laura is self taught and has spent years developing her skills and chasing her creative passion.  She is married with two children; her lovely little family has always been incredibly supportive and encouraging, never allowing Laura to give up on the dream of finding and capturing beauty in every area of life.

Laura has an incredible talent for capturing the beauty of nature in her photographs.  Whether she’s focusing on a sunrise, an adorable little chickadee, or even using her new macro lenses to capture the delicacy of a single flower petal, Laura’s images are powerful and moving.  

I keep looking at them and each one whispers one thousand different meanings to me… Each one pulls me in and transports me to a different place…


I’m just blown away by those images! Please visits Laura’s Facebook page to view more of her amazing work!  There are literally hundreds of pictures to look through!  

Laura does make her prints available for purchase and she also provides services for family events such as baby photos, engagement photos, and family photos.  I won’t put any examples of her portraiture on the blog here as I don’t have permission from the photo subjects, but there are many examples over on the Facebook page that would definitely give you a good idea of Laura’s talent and style.  If you have an ever coming up that you’d like captured, Laura would enjoy hearing from you!  

Over the last several weeks, I’ve discovered that Laura and I have a few things in common! First of all, we both turn to fast food in times of exhaustion and desperation!  Secondly, we both like dying our hair funky shades of red and brown!  Thirdly, we both love our children!  

In honour of those children, and Mother’s Day coming up, Laura wants to give a reader one of her calendars!  It’s a perpetual calendar so you don’t have to worry about getting a new one each year, and it’s full of amazing photographs!  It might make a great gift for your dear mummy, or you could even keep it for yourself!  

The graphic designer who assembled the final product is Miranda Bolt, owner of Deep Creative, but Laura provided all the photographs.  Comment on this post so you have a chance to win this calendar!  

A winning name will be chosen on May 7th.  There won’t be time to actually get the calendar to your mom in time for the 8th, but you can show her a picture to tide her over while we make pick up/delivery arrangements.

Thank you, Laura, for allowing me to spread the word about your talent.  



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