36 Weeks

21 May

It was, of course, too good to be true.

At my May 19th doctor appointment, my blood pressure was back up.  So off to labour and maternity for a non-stress test and some blood work.  


I’m not looking overly excited in this little snap taken by Jason.  The previous day I had just fallen out of the bathtub and pulled all kinds of muscles in my back and legs.  (Thankfully my back and legs are feeling better today)

After the bloodwork, it was decided that my internal organs are still holding strong and yet another blood pressure pill was added to my daily intake.  

That’s fifteen blood pressure pills a day if you’re keeping track.

We also had another ultrasound to make sure the blood pressure wasn’t affecting baby.  Baby seems to look good, though he is measuring slightly smaller than expected.  That isn’t really a surprise though because, historically, I birth tiny babies.  


We’re headed back to see the doctor again tomorrow morning.  It should be quite thrilling, complete with a blood pressure check and a cervix status update.  

Can’t wait to see what happens next!

I won’t miss this…

17 May

I thought it was time for some more complaining. 

What’s that?  I’ve complained too much already?  Well, if you aren’t mentally prepared for reading about pregnancy complaints and TMI, then turn back before it’s too late.

I’m prematurely saying goodbye to pregnancy. Of course, I am still pregnant: I made it to 35 weeks!  I thought I’d do some reminiscing about the past several months…

What I will NOT miss about being pregnant (in alphabetical order):

Backaches: I’ve actually been quite lucky in that my back doesn’t hurt all the time. I just get stabbing pains in my lower back and sometimes a night of throbbing back and hip pain.

Bad taste: For months, no matter what I eat or how often I brush my teeth, my mouth tastes like rotten.  Just an unrelenting nasty taste that never goes away.  I hope it goes away after the baby is out.

Belly: I don’t really mind the look of my belly but I miss being able to move regularly. My belly isn’t huge but it’s amazing how it impedes just about every move I make.

Body hair: Of course, I had body hair before I got pregnant but I really think the extra hormones are giving me a surge that I don’t particularly want. 

Bleeding gums:
 It’s not fun to bleed every time you brush your teeth.

Braxton Hicks contractions:
 I’ve been experiencing these since month two.  They’re not painful per se, but they can be incredibly uncomfortable. Lately they’ve been getting stronger, more frequent, and more uncomfortable.

Breast enlargement: I just don’t like them like them.  Am I the only woman out there who wishes her breasts could stay the same size? That would be small. It’s nicer when they don’t get in the way.

Breast tenderness: In previous pregnancies, the tenderness lasted through the first trimester and dissipated.  I won the boobie prize this time around (haha!) though because the pain started a few weeks in and has yet to subside.

Breathlessness: I hate being short of breath all the time. I can’t wait to breath deep again. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome: This has only happened a few times but the aching and throbbing in my arms and wrists makes me very sad for people who have to live with this condition day in and day out.

Constipation: This never happened in previous pregnancies.  It’s not fun.

Cramps: This didn’t happen in previous pregnancies.  I’m so lucky.

Depression: I’ve never had a problem with postpartum depression, but with this pregnancy I’ve discovered that antenatal depression is a real thing.  It’s emotionally and mentally draining.  I need my hormones back to normal so I can start enjoying life again.

Dizziness: Again, this didn’t happen in previous pregnancies.
Fatigue: I kept waiting for the second trimester burst of energy to come. It never did. I think my constant fatigue is preparing me for the sleepless nights ahead. I’m able to sleep pretty good but never feel rested.

Food Aversions: Just the thought of some foods in early pregnancy made me gag, as did the sight of them and certain sounds associated with food preparation. To me, this was a minor inconvenience compared to other stuff, but annoying nonetheless.  Food aversions in my third pregnancy were actually much less severe than my first two.

Headaches: I’ve only suffered from a few headaches since becoming pregnant. I’m not sure if they were from extra hormones or just my regular allergies. Truth be told, the decrease in headaches has been wonderful, what’s annoying is not being able to take my usual quick fixes. When you know you can’t have something (advil), the more you want it.

Heartburn: I never had heartburn before the pregnancy.  With my first, it started around month seven. It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. In my second pregnancy, the heartburn started in the second or third month.  In this pregnancy, the heartburn started when I peed on the stick. Almost everything gives me heartburn, even drinking a few sips of water. Thank the lord for zantac and tums, which I chew like candy.

Hunger: Constant and relentless hunger, like a hole.

Hypertension: In my previous pregnancies, high blood pressure started in the third trimester.  This pregnancy made it to 12 weeks before the high blood pressure started.  It’s been very difficult keeping it under control this time, with lots of medication and lots of side effects from the aforementioned medication.

Leg Cramps: Now, I’ve had leg cramps before but nothing like those I’ve experienced during pregnancy. There are no words to describe them. Nothing like bawling your eyes out and then limping for three days straight.

Pelvic Girdle Pain: Never in my life have I experienced such horrible pain around my middle and hips.  Walking is torture.  This didn’t happen in my previous pregnancies.

Pubic symphysis pain: The cartilage that joins the pubic bone at the front is loose because of the relaxin hormone; the pelvis is widening to accommodate birth.  That’s great except it’s extremely painful and, as above, makes walking torturous.  This didn’t happen in my first two pregnancies.

Rhinitis: I heard that pregnant women can sometimes be extra stuffy and snotty due to inflamed mucus membranes. Now, due to allergies I’ve been stuffy and snotty since I was a wee child. I don’t know if it got worse in pregnancy because of the inflammation and extra blood flow or if it’s because I couldn’t take my allergy medicine. Either way, I feel and have felt like a 24 hour snot factory with no relief since October.

Round ligament pain:
 This very strange sensation of getting stabbed in the lower abdomen starting around the second month (as the ligaments holding the uterus stretch) will obviously not be missed.

Swelling: I didn’t swell much during my first two pregnancies, though my rings didn’t fit.  In this pregnancy, I’ve never experienced such swelling before.  Rings and shoes don’t fit and my feet/hands throb a lot.

Thirst: I haven’t felt hydrated since before pregnancy.  When I drink water (or anything), it either causes heartburn or comes back up if I move the wrong way.

Urinary incontinence: Since the beginning, I’ve had to be very careful when throwing up!

Urinary frequency:
 With a baby sitting on your bladder it makes perfect sense that one would have to pee more often. It’s not that bad and I don’t even mind (too badly) getting up a lot in the night. What pisses me off (pun intended) is that feeling of urgency and then when you get to the bathroom, all you can show for your discomfort is a tiny trickle. What a huge waste of my time!

Vomitting: I found out I was pregnant on January 15th and aside from a few days of cramping I felt fine. I honestly thought my pregnancy was going to be easy and puke-free. Then on January 28th, I changed my mind. That was the day I started throwing up and I haven’t stopped since.

Weepiness: I’ve never cried so much in my life.

Weight gain: this pregnancy has shown me the real world of pregnancy weight gain.  I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life and I’m quite worried about my clothes never fitting again.

What I will miss about being pregnant (this list is a lot shorter):

Baby movements:
 Sometimes the baby movements hurt. Like when his feet are jammed underneath my ribs, or when a sudden movement strikes me suddenly in the crotch, bladder, or lungs. But from the earliest ticklish movements to these sometimes painful ones, I love them all. 

Fingernail Growth:
 I’ve heard that pregnant women, along with faster hair growth, can sometimes have faster nail growth. I love my long strong nails. They’ve always been pretty strong but right now I’m loving how fast they grow.

Wow, that was a short list! 

You can see why I have a hard time believing women who say, “I loved being pregnant!” So, to be perfectly honest, I’ve not really enjoyed my womanly pregnant body. I’ve had far fewer good days than bad. Aside from my short list up there, I don’t think I’ll miss having a baby in my uterus. 

Having said that, I know I’ve been fortunate and I do count myself blessed.

But once this is over…we have to end our relationship for good.  We can’t meet again, not even accidentally because I fear that my body would either implode or explode.

Tell me…did you like being pregnant?

My Mother’s Day!

10 May

I must say that my Mother’s Day was pretty fabulous.  The only thing that would have made it better would be if I felt in better health.  But I have an amazing husband, two adorable little sons, and a healthy fetus!  I couldn’t ask for better blessings on this day set aside for mothers.  I received anyway and naturally, I feel quite deserving.

First up, a commissioned painting – gifted from my husband, created by Tracy of Tracy Paints.  Our family loves Tracy, her talent, and her amazing personality.  If you are in the Thunder Bay area, I’d recommend adding a Tracy Paints piece to your art collection!  

Yes, a family portrait in poo form.  You really can’t get much better than this!

But a valiant effort was made!  

 Store bought AND homemade cards.  The best of both worlds really.

This afternoon, my friend and professional photographer extraordinaire dropped by the homestead to take some wonderful family photos, with a focus on the baby belly.
Check out the one and only Shannon Lepere Photography, behind the scenes:  


I like how Shannon looks like she’s going to fly in that last picture!  Either that or she’s going to jump on me!

Are you curious about the final products?  Shannon is a photographer who doesn’t mess around!  


Wow, I love them so much!  Remember Shannon for your photography needs because it’s ridiculously obvious how talented she is! 

Readers of this blog will get to see a bit more Shannon Lepere Photography in the near future!  Thank you Shannon, for your patience with my children and thank you for coming all the way to our home.  We love house calls!

All in all, it was a great day!  My mom bought me a recliner lawn chair and brought dinner over and we forced the boys into one more photograph.  


RJ especially was so over it.

Another day done, another day closer to being a mother to three.  


A Shout-out to my mom!

10 May

There’s really no way to express how grateful I am to my amazing mom.

She is all kinds of wonderful in normal and non stressful times, but she has gone above and beyond during these last several months where our family has been in survival mode.

She snuck out of the province in April but since she got back, it’s been one long stream of generosity: cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, running errands, taking the boys for sleepovers, helping with bedtime here, taking the boys to the park, or just taking them outside to play in the backyard.  Oh, and cleaning the yard while she’s out there.

Jason and I are forever indebted to my mom for everything she is giving to us and will continue to give us.  She’s pretty much ready to take the boys at a moment’s notice when we are ready for baby time.

There’s really nothing I can do to pay her back.  If there was, she would tell me to keep it.  One day I hope I can repay her for a lifetime of giving and helping.

I love my momma!  

I myself have been quite spoiled this morning by my little posse of dudes.  More about that later!

34 Weeks!

8 May

Last Saturday, at 33 weeks, I was almost sure it was baby time.  For about four hours I laid opn the couch wondering if the cramps I was feeling were a regular pregnancy occurrence or early labour.  I don’t really know what early labour feels like as, in the past, I’ve had my water broken, been hooked up to Pitocin, and gone from zero contractions to one long unbroken contraction in a matter of minutes.  So I wondered.  

Every person in the maternity ward told me to call if I had any concerns.  I was concerned…so I called!  The nurse I spoke to told me persistent menstrual-like cramps at 33 weeks wasn’t normal, so off we went to spent Saturday evening in a labour & delivery assessment room.  Not that we had any exciting plans that needed cancelling!  


Apparently all the painful crampy contractions didn’t mean anything because they didn’t register on the monitor.  Well ok then.  A waste of a few hours.

Last weekend was full of fun for my little family.  I laid on the couch (as per the orders to remain horizontal as much as possible) and my boys went to Free Comic Book Day on Saturday and the Folklore Festival on Sunday.  I cried like a pathetic whiner about having to miss family outings, but I just can’t walk around in big crowded areas.  At least the pictures are adorable…  

     On Tuesday we went for our regularly scheduled doctor’s appointment and my blood pressure was once again higher.  I was sent over to labour & delivery for another non-stress test and bloodwork to see how my internal organs were doing.  


Why yes, as a matter of fact I do like to document every minute detail.

The baby was fine, as was the bloodwork.  The blood pressure meds were increased again.  Big surprise.

This morning we were back at the doctor’s office to see how my body was handling the new dose of medicine.  And, to my amazement, my blood pressure was actually at an acceptable level.

All it took was three months of tinkering and this many blood pressure pills per day:


The fact that my blood pressure is acceptable today doesn’t mean it will stay that way, so it’s business as usual (back to the doctor’s on Tuesday).  I suppose this means I can continue my bed rest at home with less worry than before.  

Though I am still concerned about how the swelling in my extremities is increasing, the protein that was found in my urine (yay, TMI), and how it keeps getting more and more painful to move.

In the meantime, my little buddy is taking care of me!  


A Winner!

3 May

I planned to post this a lot earlier, but Jason took the kids out all afternoon and then I forgot.  Now the kids are in bed so Jason gets to be my adorable assistant for this draw!

He would like to point out that he’s not quite as adorable as my usual assistants.

    Well, I think he’s pretty adorable… 

And it looks like Sylvie is the winner!  I don’t know you Sylvie so please email me at: eatingdirt83@gmail.com
You’ll need to tell me what your choice is:

Thank you Tracy for partnering with me in this giveaway!  I hope we can work together again soon!

Ps. Jason would like everybody to know that he is not sad about Sylvie having won the prize.  He was putting JP to bed and fell asleep beside him.  After he stumbled down the stairs half asleep, I told him he had to help.  He was unprepared for the photo shoot!

32 weeks

29 Apr

I made it to eight months pregnant, give or take.  

Last week, my doctor was not impressed with how my blood pressure continued to rise despite being on 2250mg of meds a day.  He told me to rest and take it easy (story of my life right now) and we would check in the following week.  Yesterday.

Yesterday showed that my blood pressure was still on the rise and I was ordered to the hospital for a non-stress test and blood work.  I was sure he was going to tell me it was time for hospital bed rest.  I absolutely do not want that!

The blood work was needed to make sure the high blood pressure wasn’t affecting my internal organs in a negative way.

After the blood results came in, it was determined that my organs are doing fine, the baby is still doing fine, and I’m to continue on at home with as much horizontal rest as possible.  A new blood pressure med was added to what I’m already taking and I’m to check on Friday to see how or if it took effect.  

I can’t lie, I’m pretty stressed right now.  I’m very worried about the baby, about my own health, and about what an out-of-commission mother is doing to my family.  Jason is still managing to hold it together, JP is as sweet as ever, but RJ is having multiple tantrums and acting-out a lot.  He says things like, “Mommy can’t do anything anymore” and that’s hard to hear when the other kid is continually showering me with love and kisses.  I hope we can regain a happy little family life again once this baby is born and some time has passed.  

The longer I’m out-of-commision, the more worried I get.  I’m good at pretending I’m not worried though: 


Oh nothing much going on here, just a little hospital fun!

The new meds are really messing with me with regards to side effects.  Both medications, being for blood pressure, seem to have the same list of side effects, though I didn’t feel anything with the first pill, except exhaustion and slight dizziness.  This second pill has compounded what I’m feeling and I’m exhausted, nauseous, dizzy, and I have a headache.  My hands and feet are also swelling up, The pelvic pain is worsening, and every tiny thing seems to make me cry.  I told the doctor all this so he does know.  We will see where I’m at on Friday.


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