R1 and R2 say

11 Oct

I’ve been distracted by my side project lately, but don’t worry, Eating Dirt isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Please enjoy the weirdness of my children!

R1 says:

I’m here to remind you that everything is disgusting.  

It’s always a weird question when mommy’s giving the answer.


Is it just me, or is one of my eyelashes longer than the others?


R2 says: 

I can’t sleep knowing there are dance-offs nearby!


If you need me, I’ll be over here farting. Farting in the midnight hour.


Mom, want to know who all my fans are? All my imaginary friends!!


My daughter, Caramel, is a leprechaun.

An Awesome Winner!

28 Sep

It was really nice reading about how awesome you all are!

Ok, how awesome all EIGHT of you are!  

Now, my lovely assistant will enthusiastically draw the winning name: 

Congratulations Joy! You’re about to feel so uplifted and enriched with awesomeness!


Did I say something about a secret surprise?

I sure did!

Assistant, draw another name!

You, my friend will be getting The Holiday book of Awesome delivered to your house in late November, in time for the holiday season! 

Keep being awesome, everybody!


Watch this space for my new project, coming soon! 

Hey you! You’re awesome!

23 Sep

I never stop talking, I have a hard time not interrupting people, I say inappropriate things frequently, I use humour as a defense mechanism.

I worry a lot about the people I love, maybe too much. I speak before I think sometimes; I’ve lost friends because of this.

I’m a pretty sloppy person and I like clutter; I leave cupboard doors open and I leave my dirty laundry on the floor.  I leave my socks all over the house.

I like gross stuff like decomp and guts and blood and autopsies.

I can be antisocial and sometimes I’m lazy. 

I have body hang-ups, mostly about my post-baby stomach and pale skin.  I pick at my cuticles when I’m nervous or bored.

I don’t like dancing and I’m not a sports fan. I’m allergic to cats. I have chronic headaches and fatigue. 


There’s a list of some of my faults. I’m sure I have dozens, if not hundreds, more.


Having said that, and maybe despite all that, I believe I’m pretty awesome. 

The good stuff outweighs the bad.  

I think I’m hilarious and quick witted and fun loving.  I’m kind, I’m giving, I’m compassionate and passionate.  I’m silly and ridiculous!

I’m honest and genuine. I mean well even if I sometimes say the wrong thing. 

I’m creative and I’m good at writing out my thoughts.

I’m articulate and verbose; I can carry on a conversation with just about anyone, regardless of their station in life. 

I’m content. 

I’m cute and sometimes even beautiful.  I believe my inner beauty transcends the darkness.

I’m a good mom. I’m a good person. I genuinely like myself.

Change is hard, especially huge life changes.  Sometimes you can’t control what happening but you can still control your actions and reactions.

In light of these wonderful things about me, I really have no choice but to believe that I am awesome.

It’s true.  I’m an awesome person.  

But guess what!!!  You’re awesome too!

So what am I giving away?

Several years ago, I gave away the first Book of Awesome because I thought it would be a great very first reader giveaway.  Or, dare I say it, an AWESOME giveaway!  

And it was so awesome that the author and creator of the website commented.  

Then that went over so well, I gave away the second book of awesome a year later.  

This time….I’m giving away BOTH!! 

In order to have a chance at winning, you have to comment on this post and tell me AT LEAST three reasons why YOU are awesome!!  You can tell me more than three.

Contest closes Sept 28th at midnight.  Winner drawn randomly on September 29th!

Unfortunately the contest is limited to Canadian residents this time because of postage.  However, if you are international, you can enter on the condition that you are a regular visitor to Thunder  Bay.

(There may or may not be a secret surprise giveaway as well)

Aaaannnnd GO!


17 Sep

It’s been three months.

The early mornings, as we are all sitting in the living room, it sometimes hits.

These quiet moments before the hectic grind of every day life begins. 

We’re drinking coffee and listening to the big boys talk nonsense about minecraft.  The baby is being ridiculously cute.  We smile at each other, a shared understanding.  We know that we have the cutest kids in the world.

In those quiet early morning moments, I just can’t wrap my mind around the fact that he wants to leave.  

How could he leave the family he helped create?  How could he stand to miss any of this?  These are moments you can never get back.  

When that realization hits me, I just stare at our beautiful boys with hot tears running down my face, hoping they won’t notice.

I’m ok.  

I’m more than ok.  

Some moments are just harder than others.

A Winner

14 Sep

There can be only one winner….

Except not really because we picked three!

Or did we?

Thank you so much to all who entered!

First, we are pulling a name for the grand prize of a Naked Kitty Naturals prize pack, donated by Sara R, the creative genius behind these delectable handmade products!

Shall we?

Hooray for Nancy!!!  You won!!! 


Second prize contains a Naked Kitty lip chap and a few other odds and ends.  Nothing spectacular but I’m in a giving mood!

Shall we?

Yeeeeaaaaahhhh Mandy, way to go!


Third prize is a bit smaller because the winner is not local and cannot use the Calico gift card, so I removed it from the little prize pack.

Good for you, Amy!!!  


So what did I do with the extra Calico gift card?  Pulled another name and crossed my fingers for a local winner!  He looks a bit less enthused, doesn’t he?

Oh my!!  It’s not much, but I hope you enjoy, Ericka!



When I realized that all the selfies I was getting were sent in by beautiful ladies, I said to myself, “If a dude sends in a selfie, he’s getting a prize!!”  

Enter Harris posing with his lady friend Meagan!

But then, another selfie from a dude came in!  And he was posing by himself!  

Harris was out and Kyle was in!

Don’t worry, I already broke the news to Harris.

I know my main target audience is “moms and women” but I figure, maybe with enough positive reinforcement, I’ll trick some fellas into stopping by a bit more regularly.  You never know!

Thanks Kyle for being a beautiful beacon an’ shit (his words, not mine).


Alrighty, thank you for playing!  I love audience participation!  

Check back frequently for updates and more giveaways.  I have a disgusting Halloween themed giveaway coming up next month and you really won’t want to miss it.  Trust me.

Thank you Calico Coffee house

Thank you so much Sara from Naked Kitty Naturals.  I look forward to collaborating with you again sometime!

The Selfies Are In

13 Sep

Thank you to everyone who submitted a selfie for the Naked Kitty Naturals Selfie reader giveaway!

Let’s take a look at all your beautiful faces!!

Some of you submitted silly selfies and some were more serious.  

Some of you shared incredibly personal and beautiful stories with me about why this particular selfie was so meaningful; some selfies were more spur-of-the-moment.  

Some were on special days like birthdays, others were just for fun on a regular day!

Every one of you is special and unique and beautiful.  

Every one of you has a story to tell. 

Thank you for sharing a small glimpse of your world with me, Sara, and anyone reading!

Stay tuned, the winners will be announced tomorrow!  One grand prize winner and two smaller prize winners!

Express Your-selfie and Love Your-selfie!

7 Sep

I know that blog title isn’t terribly original, but it’s fitting because I want to talk about selfies today.

You’re wondering about the Naked Kitty Naturals reader giveaway I mentioned yesterday, right? 

Stay with me folks, because it’ll all become clear in approximately three or four minutes, depending on how fast you can read…

Lately, in social media, I’ve been seeing a fair bit of “selfie hate.”

Like this:

I get it.  There is such a thing as too much.  And it probably can get annoying if someone posts nothing but bathroom selfies in the exact same position with the exact same facial expression.  You might feel an urge to tell the picture-taker to be a bit more creative.

But generally speaking, I like selfies.  Since my last child was born, I’ve just started liking the way I look again and feeling comfortable in my own skin again and I want to celebrate that.

Loving yourself can be a lengthy process.  If you get home from work one day and feel really happy and confident about the way you look, then why not capture it?  

I’ve been attempting to take selfies with my babies/kids since they were born.  At the beginning I was using my giant digital cameras and it was very awkward.  Most of the time it was just easier to ask someone to take a picture for me, but sometimes the selfies worked out and resulted in a cute little memento of me and my child.  

More recently, with an iPod, ipad, and iPhone, I’ve been able to take adorable selfies of me and my kids and they have fun doing it!  Also, I think it’s very important to capture images of yourself WITH your kids; sometimes there isn’t another person around to help.  When your kids are older, they are going to want those pictures and they don’t care if you weren’t feeling flawlessly camera ready.

I also like to take selfies of me with my friends and family.  Friend selfies are a great way to capture happy memories that you can look back on.  I love the pictures I have of me and my friends; I’ve never regretted preserving those moments of togetherness.  

Selfies with friends can also include all the selfies you have with your partner or significant other.  And boy do I have a lot of those!  Right now they bring up pretty mixed feelings but I’ll keep them and save them for the kids.

Hmmm….I’m also thinking of vacation selfies.  If you go somewhere and want to capture the beautiful scenery, you can obviously take a dozen pictures of mountains and lakes and rivers, but personally, I like to be in the picture too!  Then I can look back and enjoy the visual proof that I was there, right there beside that beautiful panorama!  Yes, I can take a picture of Lake Superior, but I’d also like a picture of me in front of the lake.  Or in the lake!  It just makes sense.  You go on vacation so you get in those pictures too!

Lately I’ve been taking more and more selfies and I’m having fun doing it.  I want pictures of my new haircut and my new dress and my cool glasses.  I want pictures of me with my kids and friends and in front of my house and in my back yard.  I want pictures of me on my birthday on on Christmas.  

As I get older, I know I’m going to love having a recorded history of myself to look back on.  

So some people think selfies are vain and narcissistic?  I don’t care anymore.  I used to let those kinds of opinions have some sort of influence over me, but not anymore.  

I’m going to keep taking selfies.  Some I will post; some I won’t.  If you don’t like it, you can unfollow and unfriend!  Wouldn’t the first time!!

Bottom line: I like my selfies and I like YOUR selfies.  And guess what?  I want to SEE your selfies!

Ok, now I’m going to bring this all back to the Naked Kitty Naturals reader giveaway!  

Are you still with me?

To have a chance to win and be entered into the draws (yes, plural), I want you to send me a selfie!

Send a selfie that you don’t mind having posted on this blog!  

I want you to send me a selfie that you love, one that makes you feel happy and beautiful and lovely!  This is open to women AND men and anyone else across the gender spectrum.  The selfies can be just a face or a face with a body.  They can be funny or serious or even sexy.  But no nudes!  Unless you’re one of my lovers, keep your fancy parts covered up! 

To be clear, if I receive anything offensive, I will delete and block. 

Send selfies to me via 

Email: eatingdirt83@gmail.com




You can post a selfie in the comments of the blog links I post on my personal Facebook or blog Facebook pages.

If you know me personally, you can send to my personal Facebook messenger or personal email.  

This contest is open to any reader in Canada or the United States (due to my limited ability to mail prizes).

This contest will close Monday September 12th at midnight.  The submitted selfies will be posted Tuesday September 13th, and the prize winners will be drawn Wednesday September 14th!  

Sara from Naked Kitty Naturals is going to kick things off for us!

As a proponent of natural and handmade skin care and beauty products, Sara is also a huge fan of celebrating beauty in all shapes, forms, ages, races, and genders.  

One of the ways Sara celebrates her own personal beauty is by being careful about what she puts on her skin.  Hence the natural care products!  

Sara and Pop Tart

Ok, now me!  

I love this little collage because it shows a lot of changes over the past year! And yes, that is my rat in the second picture!

Get going, friends!  I can’t wait to see your-selfies! Remember what’s at stake here!  

Naked Kitty Naturals is the grand prize, but there are going to be two other secret prize packs!