Ugly Tattooed People

12 Sep

Several weeks ago, I wrote a little bit about tattoos and being a tattooed woman.

Continuing on…

A friend of mine recently told me about a conversation ze* had with an acquaintance wherein said acquaintance flat-out said, “all tattooed people are ugly.”

All tattooed people are ugly.


That’s a pretty extreme statement. Does this person realize just how many people have tattoos? 80-90% of my friends, family, and acquaintances have at least one small tattoo.

The statement is ridiculous, of course, for so many reasons. First and foremost, beauty is subjective therefore so is ugliness. Secondly, there are definitely (societally defined) ugly people with tattoos, just as there are ugly people without tattoos. The same goes for (societally defined) beautiful people. Thirdly, beauty is about so much more than what’s on the surface. Lastly, someone who would make a statement like, “all tattooed people are ugly” is obviously not a very beautiful person underneath the surface.

You know what really makes a person ugly? A bad attitude, willful ignorance, and prejudice.

I had forgotten about this little exchange my friend told me about until I stumbled upon this gem of a Facebook page: “Tattoo Free (and happy).”

Great, right?

I won’t link it, it’s easy to find.

But here is the description:
Simple fact is: Tattoos are horrible, tattooed people are criminals and tattooists are disease-spreading degenerates. All inky-stinkys should be jailed.

That guy who threatens you, the girl who offers herself for $5, the monster who catcalls you and the genocidal maniac who murders millions – all have tattoos, therefore it is reasonable to conclude that all tattooed people are criminals or future criminals and need to be locked away until they remove the offending articles.

I am campaigning to have all visible tattoos banned from professional sporting events worldwide. I will lobby the sponsors to exert financial pressure on the degenerate promoters and soon we can enjoy the World Cup of baseball and the International Games without being disgusted with subhuman filth who draw ink on their bodies.

Reading that infuriates me! I feel like it has to be a joke.

Everybody should have the right to dislike tattoos, just like everybody should have the right to love tattoos. But nobody has the right to dictate what another person does with his or her body.

In honour of this amazing Facebook page and the nameless person who thinks all tattooed people are ugly, I would like to present to you…

Ugly Subhuman Filth Who Need To Be Locked Away:



















These images (of some of my friends, family, and acquaintances) were used with permission from the subjects. In the case of Kyla and Chelsea’s photos, permission was also obtained by the photographer, Shannon Lepere. You can visit here website here!  In the case of Lily’s photo, permission was not obtained by the photographer (oops), Marcus Griep, but you can visit his site here.

I realize it might seems silly, trite, and shallow to post a bunch of pretty pictures of my tattooed friends. But it’s not sillier than claiming all tattooed people are ugly.

*As there has been some confusion, ‘ze’ is a gender-neutral pro-nown.

How to get that stain out…

9 Sep

You’ll recall that we left off yesterday with three articles clothing badly in need of cleansing.

A rather icky memory-jog:


Oh yes, my son’s pants, shirt, and my husband’s shirt were heavily splotched with large crimson stains. Granted, they were fresh stains but I didn’t want to give them any time to get too attached to the fibres.

So what did I do with my bloody clothes?

I did what I always do when I want to get rid of a stain…

I reached for my Buncha Farmers Stain Remover stick!


You might recognize this product from my birthday giveaway extravaganza.

From my birthday post:

A few years ago, while searching for information about essential oils, I came across a product called Buncha Farmers Stain Remover. Of course the name intrigued me and I wanted to know more! I looked online for Canadian sellers of this product and I checked out all the major chain retailers hoping to find it. My search proved fruitless and I gave up.

(edited to add, I obviously wasn’t looking in the right places because the product is actually manufactured in Canada.

Then a year ago, I found it in a local boutique and excitedly grabbed it, screeching something like, “I’ve been looking for you all over the place!!” I took it home, tried it, loved it, then went back to the store and bought more!

This stain remover is a solid rectangular stick of wax-like consistency and is made with a combination of several essential oils. You are to rub the stick on a stain like a crayon, then wash normally. Even the toughest and oldest stains are supposed to come out with minimal effort.

I rubbed the stick on all my stained baby clothes (back when I had a baby) and it got rid of them all! Then I – this is the real selling point – rubbed the stick on old blood stains and, within a few washes, the blood was gone! Amazing!

Yep, old blood stains gone. Surely new blood stains would be a piece of cake!

Let’s try it, shall we?

The bloody shirt smeared with waxy stain remover:


I accidentally deleted the photo of RJ’s bloody shorts, but here are two views of Jason’s bloody button-up:



I let everything sit overnight and washed it the next day. I don’t know if you actually have to let it sit, but I was too lazy to do laundry after our hospital adventure.

So what did it all look like after it came out of the washing machine?

Check it:





In interest of full disclosure, one tiny bit of blood was left:


But never fear, because a bit more stain remover and another wash, and everything was back to normal.

While I was labouring away (rubbing waxy stain remover on stains), I thought it would be a great idea if I emailed to company about a possible partnership…which is, of course, why I snapped the pictures!

Look what arrived in the mail today!!!


Do you know what that is?

It’s a big ol’ box from because they were very receptive to having my readers hear about the wonders of this product!

I have loads of product to give away and right now, we’re starting with THREE prize packs!

Please comment on this post to enter the draw! Three names will be drawn from a hat; the three chosen with each win a stick of the stain remover, a bar of manuka honey soap, and three honey lip balms!

Now, it’s not my intention to draw this out, but my awesome brother and his amazing girlfriend are in town and we have so many delightful plans!


Because I don’t know if I’ll have time during the week, the contest will close Sunday September 14th at midnight and the winners will be drawn the following day!

And as for all that product that I’m not giving away…well, keep your eyes open because you can be sure it’ll show up again, here on Eating Dirt!


This post was sponsored by BunchaFarmers. Visit them at

Bloody Wednesday

8 Sep

In the last week of school before school started, RJ attended a science summer camp at Science North. In hindsight, it might have been a better idea to find a camp in the middle of summer instead of having one at the very beginning and the very end. But it did work out well enough because the structure of going to camp every day for a week was a good way to ease back into the structure of going to back to school.

On Wednesday the 27th of August, Jason and I, along with JP, decided to pick RJ up from camp. We played at the playground for a little while, then stopped quickly at a store.

We were almost home when I heard RJ cough a bit, then start to whine. I turned around to tell him not to bother whining because we were almost home. Instead I saw what appeared to be a waterfall of blood pouring from his nose.

I can’t remember if I told Jason or if he noticed at the same time as I did, but he freaked and pulled the car over. Of course we had no toilet paper or facial tissue of any kind so I told RJ to just hold his nose with his sweater or his shirt. And I found a pair of dirty work gloves for him to hold to his nose – they didn’t work very well.

Jason pulled off his outer shirt and told RJ to hold it to his face. He said we were going to the hospital and told me to stay in the backseat to help RJ hold the shirt. I said, all calm-like, “Why don’t you drop me and JP off at home and take RJ to the hospital?” Jason screamed something unintelligible like, “No! Waterfall! Do you have his health card?” Of course, I left his health card at home in the cupboard (where it was in case my mom needed it while we were in Winnipeg). So, while we careened through the streets, it was determined that Jason would drop me off at emerge with RJ and would then rush home to find the health card and leave JP with Gramma.

RJ was hysterical for the entire bloody car ride and JP was very concerned. Jason dropped us off and we kind of hobbled into emerge (hobbling because I was trying to walk and hold the shirt to RJ’s nose at the same time). We were taken immediately into admitting and they said it was fine that we didn’t have the health card because his information was still current (from the ER trip last year).

They asked us a lot of questions and cleaned up as much blood as they could and then sent us to sit in the waiting room. At this point, the blood had clotted but we decided to stay because it was the third nosebleed in a week. Plus it was early in the day and the waiting room wasn’t crowded. It’s definitely a surreal feeling to be driving peacefully towards home at 4:45pm and be in an emergency waiting room at 5:05pm.

At 5:25, we went into a room to wait for the doctor.


By the time we were in an actual room waiting, as opposed to the waiting room, RJ was in a great mood. The hysteria subsided and the whole thing was one big adventure. He even posed with Jason’s bloody shirt.


Jason arrived back at 5:45 and the doctor joined us shortly after. After some discussion and looking up RJ’s nose, doctor-man believed it was just nosebleeds from dry air, which I get too. But I didn’t think it was possible in the summer. I thought it was strictly a winter thing (since the furnace makes the air really dry). But we realized that the nosebleeds started after RJ moved to the upstairs bedroom… We decided to put a bucket of water in RJ’s room to put some moisture in the air and the doc told us to come back in the event of a nosebleed that couldn’t be stopped in ten minutes.

We got out of there quickly and got home around 6:20 – JP was very happy to see him and they hugged each other tightly. It’s hard to believe the whole thing happened in less than two hours. We put the water in RJ’s room and he hasn’t had a nosebleed since!

So the problem of the random nosebleeds seems to have been solved. We’re thankful it was nothing serious.

However, we had three articles of clothing covered in blood, one of which was RJ’s brand new birthday shirt.

Come back tomorrow to see what we did about the blood stained clothes!

Stream of Conciousness: Part Four

5 Sep

Listening to JP play and ramble on and on and on and on is one of the best parts of being a stay-at-home mom. Here’s what I’ve heard today so far:


Weeesa, do you have a motorcycle? Did you go to the Bluesfest? Where is your car Weeesa?

Dora, did you fall down on the sidewalk?

Dora got in the garbage!

Daddy, Dora got out of her seat while you were driving. She fell in the river, aaaaahhhhhhh! She rushed through the gate, aaaaaahhhhh, she’s in the whirlpool. Now she went down the waterfall. Oh, now she pooped her diaper. I guess we should go home now. Oh, Dora is crying. Ugh, she is so gross for pooping in her diaper. Dora, are you ok? Whoa, you’re so big Dora!!

Evan? Oh, he’s there on the car. He’s going to Gramma’s house.

I like to move it move it, I like to move it move it! (singing)

Din din, pin pin, ingy dingy pingy

Did Laura give us this couch? Yes, she did.

Evan’s dad and Evan’s mom are driving.

Oh! Let’s play the rental car game!!

No wait, first, this is my Grandpa’s car. I go in this seat…and Paul goes in this seat!

Guess what I got?

A cheese hamburger. Ohhhhh

It belongs to Emily

Guess what I’m going to get. A cheese sandwich!


I broke the gas tank.

Hey! Don’t break it!

Hey! I’m going to work! I’m going to spill gas on you! Pssssssssss

You’re not so fast and awful. We want tindy today. We need… Guess what I’m driving today.

I’m walking.

Nope. I’m driving this! Do you see, it’s my beautiful tootie! Do you love my tootie?

Should I take your tootie?

Nope. I’m driving it today, do you want to go to Gramma’s? Hop in!

What? Holy! THIS is your kayak?!

I’ve lived here a long time because my mom lived here.

I’m really good at stopping.

I’m not.

Let’s go back into the cave room.

I went to my kayak because my mom came to the kayak…because…I’m leaving. And now I need a goo-yak.

Coo la la la!! There’s my dee-dee!

Let’s get out if this kayak…. I love youuuuuuuuu!

I looooooovvvvve yoooooooouuu tooooooo!!!! But I drive something else.

You drive a kayak.

No I don’t! I drive something else! I drive my tootie!

Go upstairs to your room!

Don’t say that!

Wake up! It was just an accident. Say sorry when we get down. Say sorry.

No I don’t want to say sorry to my kayak.

This is your room.

Oh, thanks!

Actually it’s not your room, we share together. I need to sleep. Also, your kayak is pretty cool!


Aaaahhhh! I’m going to hide in my room!

Oh, are we playing hide and seek? My mom will find you!

Mama, I love you!

Oh, thank you!

Can you say, neena nono?

I love your kayak! (Repeat twelve times in a sing-song voice)

Don’t worry, I’ll save you!

I love your kayak and I’m not afraid. I love my sweet child because he’s a baby. And I used to be a baby too! And now it’s time to go.

In the kayak?

Oh yeah! And it’s magic.

Magic duck land?

Oh yeah!

(aaaand distracted by having to go pee… Until next time!)

Summer in Review

4 Sep

Though we didn’t have any extravagant adventures planned, we had a good summer. Looking back through my photos it’s pretty clear we packed a lot in to the twelve weeks of summer – I’m counting Summer as June, July, and August.

Join me in a walk down memory lane. I’m posting this review for my own record-keeping purposes but, of course, it’s available for anyone (family and friends without Facebook) to see.


Anticipating the arrival of our new family pets:



Katie, Jessica, and I go on CBC Radio to promote our joint project – The Search for the Next Strong Role Model:


JP finishes up his Gymnastics classes:


My mom and I head to my uncle’s camp four hours away to visit with some family:


Eating Dirt and LU Radio support equal rights in Thunder Bay (and everywhere else of course):


The 31st annual – and the last ever – Benny Birch’s Birthday Party:



Celebrating Canada Day at Marina Park:



Eating Dirt and LU Radio enjoy the 14th annual Blues Fest:


LU Radio participates in Thunder Bay’s first Open Streets event:


My mom, the kids, and I check out the re-vamped Dragon Boat Festival at Boulevard Lake:


Mother/son date at the Teddy Bear’s Picnic:



A little fun for my birthday, close to the US border:


The highly anticipated (albeit highly overrated) CLE:


RJ decided to claim his bedroom (Jason’s office) so a lot of switching and moving and purging (plus a yard sale) happened and the walls were closing in on me for awhile…mess…stuff…aaaahhhhh:


Jason and I went to Winnipeg to see Tom Petty in concert and, of course, it was awesome:


My mom stayed with the kids while we were gone:


RJ wanted a Wild West theme for his birthday party this year:


The last big event before school started – The 102 annual Hymers Fall fair:


A few other highlights

My friend Tara took a nice family picture of us at a birthday party we attended:


I have known Steph since we were five years old. I’m sad she’s moved so far away but very proud of her success. We love when she comes to visit us:


Jason’s brother and Dad came to visit and it was very exciting for all of us:


RJ went to three camps this summer: Dinosaur camp, Nature camp, and Science camp (put on by Science North) and JP felt a little left out. So he decided he and I were going to have our very own Butterfly camp!


One of my dearest friends (since birth) has also moved out west to pursue adventures and career. We miss her terribly and love when she comes to visit:


The boys discovered face-paint this summer:


One of the rats discovered he could slip inside the couch. As a result, he has been lost many times for many hours at a time. The couch is destroyed:


Sarah, the first new friend I met in the first week of high school, took me to dinner on my birthday. She also brought me flowers! And she also took me to work with her so I could earn a bit of extra cash for my Winnipeg trip!


This was yet another attempt at a container garden. The poppies eventually exploded in a beautiful array of red, but the beans and carrots performed pitifully. However, the whole experience was better than my attempted container garden from two years ago. One day (maybe next year), I will actually make a real garden:


What a summer!

If you read this post and wonder why I didn’t include pictures of something we (you and I) did this summer, feel free to tell me and I will include it! I purposefully left some people out of the ‘review’ thinking they wouldn’t their picture or their child’s picture on my blog. Likewise, if you see yourself here and you want your face blurred out, just let me know.

First Day of School

3 Sep




RJ and my friend’s children (aka Boy and Girl that I babysit) are off to school.

Tomorrow I’m going to post a lengthy “Summer in Review” to end off one season and begin another.


2 Sep

Today is my first official day babysitting (my friend’s two children). School doesn’t start until tomorrow, so we went on an adventure to the park! JP is at daycare so I felt reasonably confident that I could handle three kids (ages 4, 5, and 6) on a walk around the neighbourhood.


After the park, we went to the school playground to play and there were a few other moms and kids. I started talking to one and after a few minutes she said, “Are you the blogger?”

Eeeek!!! I’ve been recognized!

Hi Erin!

Is that awesome or scary?

Either way, I think it’s obvious that I will soon be raking in the cash from this blogging gig!

That was tongue-in-cheek, by the way.


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